Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How I'm Genuinely Upset Over the "How I Met Your Mother" Finale


Chris and I first started watching How I Met Your Mother the summer of 2012. We were having a rotten summer and just laid around his apartment most days watching Netflix and we found How I Met Your Mother. We immediately fell in love. We quickly went through all the seasons and we found similarities of Marshal and Lily in ourselves. We loved the show and we became strong and loyal fans.

For the past few months I begrudgingly watched the final season of HIMYM, continually finding myself disappointed in these boring episodes about nothing... and that made no sense at all. This last season was truly disappointing me.

And then Marshal finally returned and I though things would get better. I knew there would be a fight between Marshal and Lily, but I felt I knew their relationship and felt confident that they could work things out. Lily walked out and I was beyond angry. I felt they had betrayed Lily's character as well as Marshal and Lily's relationship. 

Additionally, in the previous season finale I had been angered by Ted's sudden decision to move to Chicago because he was suddenly so in love with Robin again. I felt that I had watched the show enough (every episode on Netflix at least three times) to know the characters, but they were changing unnaturally before my eyes. 

So during this final season I was continually disappointed and I felt as if the show I had once loved was falling apart before my eyes. But I tried my hardest to get my hopes up for the finale. I mean, they had shown the mother now, and she was absolutely perfect for Ted. I waiting impatiently for them to meet and start a beautiful life and marriage together. 

So we get to the final episode...

And they just skip over their meeting and move on to future events that I honestly do not care about. I didn't want to know the future of the gang, the gang seemed to have an ended already! I wanted to know how he met the mother! I wanted them to focus on their relationship! 

I was ticked off over Barney's change back into his season one self and then having a baby with a random girl who they couldn't even give the courtesy to name and that suddenly entitles Barney to be a perfect father and tell girls in the bar how to live their lives?? Umm, no! That was just ridiculous! 

Marshal and Lily I still remain loyal to, because in a way they are like Chris and myself. My only complaint is that Lily's whale costume was the most awful thing ever, and next week I have a blog post about how Lily is my style icon. 

Robin went off and focused on work, which fit incredibly well with her character. But why did she and Barney have to get a divorce? They spent this whole, terrible season building up to their wedding and in less than a minute we have to learn they are no longer married! I felt incredibly cheated! I was totally accepting of their relationship! They had a bond that Ted and Robin didn't. For Example:

Example 1: Ted and Robin dated a full year and after that year when Robin found a ring she immediately freaked out and told him no. After a year of dating. 

Example 2: Barney and Robin I'm pretty sure never dated a full year. But even when they hadn't even been dating, the moment Barney proposed Robin said yes. What does this tell us? 

If a girl's first instinct isn't yes, it's not meant to be!! 

I'm sorry Ted, but you weren't even proposing and she said no. Isn't that a clear sign that she doesn't want to be married to you? Ooh ooh!!! I have another example!! 

Example 3: When Kevin (love him) asked Robin to marry him, she couldn't answer right away, which was a clear sign they weren't meant to be together. 

So why is it that the writers chose to falter from a basic human instinct and break Robin and Barney up after convincing the viewers for so freaking long that they were meant to be together???

And Ted, are you an idiot? This new girl was beyond perfect for you!!! Why on earth would you ever think back on Robin who clearly never was? Yes, you had a great relationship at one point, a truly beautiful one, but it never once felt meant to be. The mother, and you were perfect. She was your perfect girl and I feel that Ted and the writers completely betrayed her and it was awful! 

And she didn't have to die! That's just rude and terrible! That we've waited nine season to know how he met his wife and in the same episode we meet her she dies is the worst thing ever! Why would they do that to their dedicated fans? 

In the pilot episode the pretty much said flat out that Robin wasn't the mother. And yes, she technically wasn't. But it just feels like cheating to put them back together again. And I honestly, wholeheartedly loath it with every fiber of my being. 

I know there are people out there who think it was a good ending, but I've never been more disappointed in my life. I truly feel cheated. Chris had to comfort me as I was almost in tears over the finale of a show I had felt such a connection to and having it completely blow up in my face. I'm upset. I'm "literally, literally, literally" upset. I basically just wish this was all an April Fools Day joke... 

And because I'm too upset to write this well and clearly just read THIS ARTICLE because it basically says everything I feel, only written much better.

What did you think of the season finale? Did you feel cheated? Or did you feel the peace that you should feel in the finale of a show (take a look at the Friends finale or WatchMojo's Top 10 Best Finales)? Let me know it the comments below!! 


  1. I resisted watching it for a while coz I didn't want it to end but I was worried about spoilers so finally watched it.
    I agree with you so much! I'm so disappointed!
    I love HIMYM and have seen each episode countless times
    I used to howl with laughter but this season I barely chuckled
    This season was pretty boring and this finale was such a let down
    They didn't give the meeting full enough attention and I can't believe she was dead
    I had my suspicion but didn't want to be right
    And then when I've gotten over Ted and robin not being together they do?
    Not impressed
    I don't even feel sad about the show ending right now
    Sorry about the rant
    Needed to vent to someone!!

    x x

    1. Oh no, I love your ranting! I haven't been able to talk with anyone about it yet. Yeah, I just feel so cheated and they didn't give the finale justice.

    2. Defo! People are saying you would either hate or love it but I'm not quite sure how you'd love it. Maybe its just us. I've been seeing people saying they loved it...


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