Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 Weird Things About Me

I have been getting some new followers and decided to reintroduce myself to all the new followers... in a weird way. Here is a random post about 10 Weird Things About Me.

The majority of these photos are from my "Fashion" posts. You can find all those posts by CLICKING HERE

1. I always eat crusts first. 
This is true with pie, pizza, sandwiches, etc. For me, the crust is the worst part so I'd rather just get it over with. Although occasionally I just won't eat the crust at all. It depends on my mood.

2. I've never gone boating. 
This may not sound weird to most of you, but when I was in high school if I ever let it slip that I've never been boating everyone would freak out! This is partially because many of my classmate's families had boats, but mine didn't so we never went. I've been in a canoe and been white water rafting, but that's basically the extent of me and boats. Honestly, boats kind of scare me though because when I see a cruise ship I cannot fathom how that thing can be floating and it freaks me out!

3. I hate skiing.
Again, this may not seem weird to you, but growing up in Utah, it's weird if you never ski or snowboard. And I never do. I first tried skiing when I was little and vowed NEVER AGAIN but this year I tried snowboarding and it was alright. But yeah, I hate skiing.

4. I hate gum. 
I can't even fully explain my hatred of gum. The smell makes me nauseous, chewing it makes me gag, and I'm one of those "lucky" people who tends to step on gum a lot. I'm also a janitor who occasionally (but rarely because I try to get someone else to do it) has to scrape gum off the carpet. They really shouldn't have me clean up the gum though because it makes me want to throw up and that could potentially just make a bigger mess. I hate gum so much that I don't like being around people who chew it (my poor mother who is addicted...) Somehow, unintentionally, I got my husband (boyfriend at the time) to stop chewing gum around me, and he very rarely chews gum at all now. But when he sneaks one I can always smell it and it makes me sick.

5. I can't sleep without socks on.
Pretty much everyone I know has to have their socks off in order to sleep, but I'm the opposite. I need my socks on. I love the warmth! But I also just have a sock addiction, because I can't even walk around barefoot in my own home, I need my socks! My husband always teases me for it and thinks it's a miracle when I don't have socks on, because it kind of is. It's not that I'm insecure about my feet, I just like the warmth and comfort of socks all the time.

6. I'm more comfortable having strangers read this blog than people I know.
I didn't really tell anyone about my blog for over six months. Something about knowing my friends and family are reading my blog freaks me out! I think I feel they will judge me for some of the things I write, and if a stranger reads my blog and judges me, who cares? They don't know me. But if someone I know is reading my blog it honestly freaks me out. Sorry friends and family! It's nothing personal I swear!

7. I say I hate cheese but eat it all the time. 
One of my most favorite foods in the world is nachos and I love putting cheese on things, but whenever someone talks about cheese or asks me about cheese I'm like "Ew, gross!" And I honestly don't know why!!  I do the same with Goldfish, I always say I hate them, but I eat them and they are cheese so it's totally relate-able. There is some cheese I don't like, and I'm not a huge fan of eating cheese plain, but I don't know what compels me to say I hate cheese all the time, because I obviously don't hate it.

8. I was born a snake.
Okay, that's a lie. But that's what my dad likes to say sometimes. Basically I was born a few weeks late and there wasn't enough amniotic fluid left to I came out incredibly dry and, as my dad says, scaly. I don't have any pictures to prove it though and I don't know what it looked like, but it's an exciting story I guess.

9. If my nail polish chips even a little, I peel it all off and start over.
I absolutely cannot handle when my nail polish is chipped, even just a little bit. And I'm kind of obsessive over it too. This is why I don't wear nail polish all that often. But I am a huge fan of Impress Press-On Manicure because it doesn't chip or fall off easily and want to start using those more (You can read my review on Impress HERE).

10. After swimming or a hot-tub, if I don't put lotion on my hands right away I get super irritated.
Whenever I go to a pool I have to take lotion and immediately put it on after I get out. It honestly drives me insane the way my hands get wrinkled and dry and I have to remedy it immediately. You can ask my husband, when we went hot-tubbing and I couldn't get to lotion fast enough I just kept complaining about it and tried to moisten my hands in drinking fountains or by licking them (gross I know). I cannot handle having dry hands, it leads me to insanity.

And there you have it, ten weird things about me. Leave a comment below and share something weird about you! 


  1. HAHAHAHA number 6… I am the same way. I've been blogging since 2010, but kept switching platforms through the years… and I never told ANYONE that I did it. lol. (Until recently, that is.) Even when I see someone I know, "like" my blogs Facebook page, I'm like, "crap."

    I did something similar on my About page and I've been planning on putting the random facts I have on there as a post one day, too! Just haven't decided on when. :)

    1. Seriously it's the weirdest thing! Apparently I'll tell more to strangers than family. ha ha.

  2. Maybe you only like melted cheese?


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