Tuesday, April 22, 2014

10 Days Till Texas

Yesterday I put up a Facebook status "11 days till we move to Texas" and like a million people didn't apparently know that we were moving. Ha ha. Maybe they should just read my blog...

Anyways, it's ten days till we move! This is crazy! There is so much to do before we go and I'm kind of stressing out but I'm getting really excited to go off on this adventure!

As I've mentioned before, because of all the stress of finals, packing, moving, paying off bills, etc. this blog is on the lower end of my to-do list. So I do apologize that I will not be posting as much for the rest of this month as we get ready to move.

Ironically, whenever I say I'm taking a break from blogging, that month I get the most page views and this month is no exception. Last December I said I was taking a break and that month I got the most page views ever. And this month it's getting up there. So thank you for visiting my blog this month even though it's boring. I love all my readers and I appreciate your support during this crazy time!

10 Days Till Texas!!!! 

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