Friday, March 14, 2014

Riding on a Bus: CVTD

While it wasn't originally included on The Cache Valley Checklist, I realized this is something that needed to be added. Sure the list is mostly just fun things to do in Logan, but I also created it as a way for me to become more of a "Loganite". And what better way to become a "Loganite" than by riding on the bus?

I've ridden on the CVTD before because in my four years of living in Logan I've never had a car for more than a couple months. I sort of have one now but my husband and I share it and since he's a pizza delivery driver he's pretty much in charge of it and I don't get to drive that much (which is a real shame because I love driving).

This Monday I had to take the bus to work because Chris was down in Kaysville and Provo for the day. So I went onto the CVTD website, found the nearest stop, learned when it would arrive and planned out my trip with a transfer at the transit station.

I grew up in the Salt Lake area and I'm in love with Trax and even Front Runner, but I do not like the bus system down there. One time I was taking a bus to Provo to stay with my sister for the weekend and the bus got a flat tire on the freeway and we were stuck. On the side of the freeway. For about 30 minutes until the next bus stopped and picked us up. But parked oddly far so I had to walk with my bags on the side of the freeway with the strange bunch of bus riders to get to the other bus. Yeah... good times?

But the bus system in Cache Valley is absolutely amazing! First of all, IT'S FREE. Yep, you can just hop on any bus and ride all the buses all around Logan for a day and never pay a cent (well technically you do with taxes, but whatever, it's still totally worth it). In my experience I've seen school kids hop on these city buses to get home from school.

These buses feel very safe and clean. These buses go all over Cache Valley and they are extremely helpful. They go everywhere! The drivers are nice and it's overall a really good experience. I think more college students need to take advantage of these buses instead of driving everywhere. There are two buses that go straight to campus and I feel not as many students that could use them do, myself included. Because I work on campus, so if I can take the bus to get to work why do I never take the (free) bus to school??? (Maybe because with the transfer it takes a half hour...)

Monday's experience was fun because this weird kid asked me "What's your ancestry?" Which is a weird question to randomly ask a stranger. He later asked "How long have you had that ring on your finger?" Which was also a weird question but I'm glad he was able to get the hint I was taken.

I think the CVTD is fantastic and definitely helps you to become a true Loganite! More people should take advantage of this amazing bus system! 

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