Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On Breaking My Back

Well that's just a lie. My back is not broken. Speaking of broken backs, remember in Dark Knight Rises when Bain just throws Batman over his leg and breaks his back? That was awful! And honestly, that movie has so many flaws. I don't love it as much as the first two. Well the second one also has a flawed story and it scares me, but Heath Ledger made an incredibly convincing villain. Best performance ever! But yeah, I don't like the third Batman. Watch the Honest Trailer for it, because I wholeheartedly agree.

PS, I may have had too many pain killers. So this whole post will be some fun rambling to tell the story of my injured back! Yay!

So I'm a janitor right? Right! And I wear a big vacuum on my back that makes me look like a ghost buster and dumb college guys who think they can flirt with me think they're funny and clever to say I look like a ghost buster. And this backpack vacuum causes tension on my back. I also lift lots of heavy trash bags and bins and etc.

And I know how you're supposed to lift with your knees, but when the garbage can is taller and goes up above your waist and you're trying to put the bag out of the bin, at one point it's going to put more pressure on your back.

Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself.

So every other day I switch between vacuuming and getting trash, trading off with my coworker Earl (who is super nice and good to work with). Today (oh wait, I mean yesterday because I'm not publishing this until tomorrow... or today...) I was getting trash and I go through the third floor to get it out of all the offices and a particular office threw away like two dozen cans of soda, full cans of soda (I'm sorry if you wanted me to steal one for you). So all that soda plus more trash creates a pretty heavy bag of trash.

After I was done with the third floor I headed down to the second floor where I was supposed to have a new trash can, but it wasn't there. So since I needed room in the trash can to get the trash on the second floor I decided (a horrible decision really (Tangled quote anyone??)) to just take out the current bag of trash, set it aside so I could take it out later, and get on with the second floor trash.

So I prep myself, bending my knees like a good girl, to lift this giant, heavy bag out of the bin. But again, the bin goes up to about my belly button, so at some point to get the bag out I had to put some pressure on my back. And while my arms were strong enough to lift the bag, I did not expect the intense amount of pressure that would end up on my back. I ended up knocking the bin over as I was in so much pain!!

I couldn't move for a few minutes and let my back kind of adjust and let the pain settle. So I drug the bag over to a corner and just let it sit there and went on with the second floor trash, all the while feeling a small amount of pain in my back.

Later I had to go grab that heavy bag again, put it back in the bin, and later again get the bag from the bin into the trash compactor. All the while adding more pressure and pain to my back.

Growing up in dance and with really bad knees (seriously, I've been told my three doctors already I'm going to have arthritis someday) I've been really good at ignoring pain. I handle pain well and don't complain too much about it, so if I do, it means it's really bad.

When I got home from work and was finally able to settle and keep from moving, I realized just how much pain my back was really in. And having never broken a bone or had any serious injuries, I had never been in this much pain before!

So my husband came home and gave me pain killer and now here we are! It still really hurts, my doctor cousin gave me some advice, and someone gave me advice on how to prevent back injury (thanks, that would have been nice a few hours ago). But I had some bacon, which makes me happy, and now I'm going to sleep! Hopefully I didn't majorly injure my back permanently. That would suck.

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... or today, I guess... 

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