Monday, March 10, 2014

My Breakfast Dress

SHIRT: Kohl's DRESS: New York & Company BOOTS: Ross

I had the plan to curl my hair and leave it all down, but then we were late to church so it was slightly curled, slightly still wet from my shower, and I just pulled half of it back. So please just ignore my hair in this picture because I wasn't a fan.

I shared this dress earlier this week in a different post. This little white dress was one of the three white dresses I wore on my wedding day, and I am so in love with this dress!! I wore it to the family breakfast the day of the wedding, so to me this dress is always known as "My Breakfast Dress".

I wanted to make it a bit more casual though so I paired it with my chambray shirt. When I told my husband my idea for this outfit he doubted it, but when he saw it he thought it looked great. He doesn't have much fashion sense apparently. Ha ha. But I love him anyways!

Oh! One more thing, Chris insisted on the location. We live next to this gym that's supposed to be the "gym of the future" and all high-tech and everything, but we never see anyone there. Anyways, they have these weird light-up palm trees. Which is what I'm standing next to in the first picture. Someday I'll show you a real picture of the palm trees, because it's just a weird thing.


  1. Is that kubex??! Super cuter outfit also

    1. It is Kubex! I live right next to it. I think it's a cool idea but it's not in the right city. It would be more successful in a larger, more populated city where the majority aren't college students who can't afford the gym.

    2. I'm totally with you! I always drive by there and see nobody in there!


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