Monday, March 31, 2014

March Review

Unlike January and February, March did not fly by. In fact, March was incredibly long and eventful. In a day everything would switch. My life was changing every second and each new day was a different event some stressful, some exciting, some life changing, some tiring, I could go on and on.

Yet despite March being long and eventful, I don't have exciting stories to tell you and I don't want to talk about the stressful events and such. So instead of going into details about what happened I'm just going straight into my New Years Resolutions.

You can read over all my blog posts from the month of March by CLICKING HERE. That will give you a general idea of what I've been up to this month.

New Years Resolution Update: 

[To gain 100 blog followers] I just got over 200 in my total! Yay me! But the main goal is to get 100 in a single social media outlet. So while I'm  getting incredibly close and I am really proud of the difference these past few months have made, I still have more work to do. So don't forget to help me out by sharing my blog with others!

[To run a 5k] I haven't been working on this. I went to the gym for a week and worked really hard, but not on my running. And with all these changes going on in my life it's difficult to do this.

[To get six-pack abs] Again, haven't been working too hard on this. Although I did lose five pounds this month so that's a start.

[To improve my math skills] I am haven't a really hard time wanting to do this one. There's a lot going on in my educational path and future right now so this goal is going on the back-burner for a little while.

[To make school more of a priority] Again, there are many changes going on with me and my education (and we're not getting into them right now) but this goal is also going on the back burner for a little while. I'll explain later but read my I Hate College post and the follow up post to get the general idea.

[To eat healthier] I don't know about healthier, but I haven't been eating as much. I've been using the amazing app My Fitness Pal to keep track of my calorie intake and this means I'm not eating massive amounts of food with billions of calories. So I'm doing really well I guess, but I really should eat more fruits and vegetables.

[To save up more money] Things are changing, we're moving to Texas, we're making big life decisions, but we were successful in Money Free March (for the most part) so we are taking steps to saving more money.

[To not procrastinate] It's hard to work on a goal to not procrastinate when you're an expert at procrastination. So no, I haven't been working on this one. But I have planned out all the things we have to do before our move to Texas, so maybe that's a start.

[To read more] I'm procrastinating this one due to school but I have a big list of books to read this summer and will start up my Book Club again in May! Yay!

[To pray and read my scriptures everyday] I've been praying a lot more this month and listening to General Conference talks as I get ready in the morning. I just need to work harder on praying and start getting into my scriptures again. But I'm definitely working on this one.

I do apologize for lack of content and excitement on this post, but honestly as I was looking back over the month I had nothing to say about it. Don't forget to check out my March Favorites post from yesterday! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March Favorites

Welcome to my March Favorites! To read all my other Monthly Favorites post CLICK HERE

FAVORITE BLOG: Me, You, and Hayley Larue

Have you ever met someone and you just click? That's how I feel about Hayley over at "Me, You, and Hayley Larue". (Which is a bold thing to say because I'm not sure if she feels the same way.) She left a comment on my blog so I headed straight over to hers. Not only is her blog beautiful, but she's a great writer, an incredible dancer, and she has a very enchanting blog! Also we both have an uncle that works at Disneyland, we both dance, and our birthdays are one year, one month, and one day apart. I just absolutely love her blog and all her beautiful pictures and quotes. She's amazing and I love finding new friends through blogging!!


As I'm trying to figure out exactly what it is I want to do with my life, I realize that I need to gain my more positive attitude and just be happier! So I found the 100 Happy Days Challenge and knew I had to do it. With the stress of school and moving to a new state, I felt now was the best time! My 100 days ends in the middle of June and hopefully by then I will have gained a more positive outlook on life. If you haven't already, I urge you to take the challenge as well and spend the next 100 days finding what makes you happy in your life. Follow me on Instagram to see all my #100happydays posts!


Do you remember that Youtube video "Charlie Bit My Finger"? Well this is the celebrity version from Jimmy Kimmel, and I absolutely love it! They really should get the Hemsworth brothers together for a movie. That would be entertaining to watch...

FAVORITE SNACK: Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji and Raspberry Flavors

This little treat is beyond delicious! Not only that but it's not incredibly unhealthy either! Well it is if you eat as many as I do, but I don't feel quite as guilty eating this as I do with other chocolaty treats. They have different flavors like blueberry and pomegranate but I like the raspberry best.

FAVORITE SONG: Say Something

This is quite honestly the most beautiful song ever. I'm so incredibly in love with it, especially this version of it. In case you didn't know, I want to someday be an author and as I'm working on my book this song and this version just keeps playing in my head. I'm so in love with it!


Every now and then Chris and I re-watch our favorite shows on Netflix. This month we went through How I Met Your Mother again. It's a special show for us because when we were first dating it helped us connect together as we watched it together for the first time. I love this show... but I am so insanely disappointed in the current season. It's such a let-down and the worst final season ever. But I was so happy to finally see Barney and Robin get married and I'm super excited for Ted to meet the mother!!!

FAVORITE MOVIE: While You Were Sleeping

I didn't go out and see any movies this month and we actually didn't watch very many at all, but I did introduce my husband to While You Were Sleeping so I'm counting it as my favorite this month. It's an older one but Sandra Bullock is super cute in it (and basically all the time, she's a favorite of mine) and it's just a cute and funny movie. So if you haven't seen it already, you should check it out!


My husband and I are so in love with this app and we just quiz each other all the time! It's so fun being in this never-ending competition with him to see who knows our favorite things best! If you don't already have it, you should definitely download this app because it's super fun and you can play against me!!!

FAVORITE/MOST POPULAR BLOG POST: What I've Learned From 10 Months of Marriage

Compared to my other "What I've Learned from ___ Months of Marriage" posts, this one wasn't that exciting to me. It was short and thrown together at the last minute. But I'm glad people like it. It makes me happy that my marriage is exciting to other people. My one year anniversary is in May and I have some big marriage posts planned for that month, so don't forget to follow my blog so you won't miss out on any of them!

Also this month, for some strange reason, you guys keep looking at my One Month Till My Wedding post, which is kind of funny to me. Next month is one month to my one year anniversary, so maybe that's why.

This Monthly Favorites post is a bit shorter than others, but it was a very interest month for me. Drop by my blog tomorrow to see my Monthly Review of March! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Song of the Week: Dark Horse

I'll be honest, I still can't decide if I like this song or not. I think I like the parts where she's singing best, but other than that I don't. But I don't know. But it's the Song of the Week because it has been stuck in my head all week long, so maybe this will get it out of my system.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rainy Day

SHIRT: Macy's PANTS: ??? SHOES: Vans COAT: Kohl's NECKLACE: Disneyland!! 

The Kohl's link under the picture is an almost exact replica of the coat I have. There are a few differences but if you want the same coat as me the link is the best you'll get. My sweet husband gave this coat to me for Christmas and I love it! It's kind of a winter coat, but it's not too heavy so it's nice for a rainy day.

This outfit isn't very fancy and I wasn't having a great hair or makeup day (I'm in desperate need of new eyeliner, I have to scrape the bottle to get it out) but my husband liked the outfit so he took some pictures for me.

It was raining! I love rain! These pictures were incredibly awkward to take because there were actually a lot of people around who were looking at me like I was a crazy person. I have a lot of "outtake" pictures of this outfit where I'm embarrassed by all the people.

I wish I could tell you where the pants are from because they are more like leggings and they are the most comfortable pants I own. I would wear them all the time if I could. It does bother me though that they are shorter and show off more of my ankle. That's why I usually wear boots with them, but I wasn't in the mood for boots, despite the rain.

Remember that you can find all my outfit post by clicking on the "Fashion" tab at the top of the page! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


PANTS: Walmart BOOTS: Ross The shirt was a gift, so I don't know where it's from. Sorry!

 I told you I had a second post with my red pants this week. Seriously, my most favorite pants. I don't know why the only good photos from this batch were with my hands on my hips, how unoriginal! And my hair was falling into my face the whole time, the other pictures my whole face was covered!

This picture is in front of my parents house! I was so happy I got to go home and visit my family! I hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was kind of a big deal. I had a great weekend at home and ate ridiculous amounts of delicious food which ruined my diet I had been working on (more on that later), but it was the weekend and I didn't actually gain any weight back so I'm okay with it.

This is a rare sort of outfit for me because I'm wearing brown. Basically everything I own is black or I wear with black, because black is my favorite color, but I wanted to venture out and try something different. Another reason I never wear brown is because the only shoes I have that go with brown are those boots, and I can't really wear those boots to work because even that small of a heel is super annoying as a janitor. I need a new job.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this outfit post! I'm hoping to do more soon but quite honestly I'm lazy and wear lazy clothes most the time. Also, I want to buy new clothes for these posts but I'm completely broke so I cannot. Lame. Well, thanks for reading!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Realizing You Can't Do It

I believe that everyone has a moment in their life when they realize that just can't do it. People can say "You can do it" and give you an enthusiastic thumbs-up, but when you really sit down and think it over, you know you can't.

At one point in my life I had to face the fact that I would never be as flexible as the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance. I tried so hard for years and I could do the splits most of the time, but I would never be able to use my flexibility in my dancing as well as they could. It just couldn't be done.

Another time I had to find out that my horrible knees would prevent me from doing a lot of things. They held me back. While I learned to work around them and deal with the pain, there were always things that I wouldn't be able to do.

After receiving a failing grade on an essay in college I had to come to terms with the fact that I just wasn't as good at essay writing as the others in my class. I continued to work hard, despite constantly feeling discouraged, and faced the fact that it didn't come as naturally to me as it did to some other people. I just couldn't do it the same way they did.

There are always things in life that we just can't do. I'm facing a lot right now that I don't really want to go into, but sometimes we become stronger by realizing what we can't do, coping with it, and moving on. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

I will never be a famous dancer, I've faced that fact and I can't worry about not being good enough anymore. I did my best so why worry? I have other talents. I have other likes and interests, so why get so hung up on a single aspect in my life that I can't do? Perhaps that's just not what I'm meant to do. Perhaps I'm meant for bigger and better things.

Sometimes you can't do things, but it's nothing to worry about. It's a lesson to be learned. We can all move on from the things that hold us back. All we have to do in life is our very best, and our very best is always good enough. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Dumbest Thing Ever

So a horrible thing has happened. Some horrible error occurred and nearly all the pictures on my blog posts of 2014 vanished. It was horrible, depressing, and I can't even begin to explain just how devastated I was when I figured it out.

I went through all my fashion posts and put the pictures back on, except for my first one where the pictures were not only deleted from my blog, but my phone, and my computer so they no longer exist, seriously, can't even explain how angry I am.

So I apologize for all the posts with a lack of picture, but if you could do me a favor and help me find the ones with pictures missing I will (hopefully) be able to put the pictures back up. We'll see how that goes.

Seriously though I can't think of a time where I've wanted to run around screaming more. 

My Red Pants

UNDER SHIRT: Down East PANTS: Walmart 

I didn't say where the top shirt is from because I honestly don't remember. I used to always wear it to ballroom because when I would spin it would fly out. I love it! But to make it more modest I wore my tan shirt underneath and I kind of liked it. I also didn't credit the boots because they were a gift.

I am so in love with these pants! In fact, later this week I have another outfit post where I'm wearing this same pants again. They are the most comfortable and I love the color.

This outfit wasn't my most favorite but it was comfy and simple which is what I like best. And I apologize for no outfit posts last week, it was a lazy week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On Breaking My Back

Well that's just a lie. My back is not broken. Speaking of broken backs, remember in Dark Knight Rises when Bain just throws Batman over his leg and breaks his back? That was awful! And honestly, that movie has so many flaws. I don't love it as much as the first two. Well the second one also has a flawed story and it scares me, but Heath Ledger made an incredibly convincing villain. Best performance ever! But yeah, I don't like the third Batman. Watch the Honest Trailer for it, because I wholeheartedly agree.

PS, I may have had too many pain killers. So this whole post will be some fun rambling to tell the story of my injured back! Yay!

So I'm a janitor right? Right! And I wear a big vacuum on my back that makes me look like a ghost buster and dumb college guys who think they can flirt with me think they're funny and clever to say I look like a ghost buster. And this backpack vacuum causes tension on my back. I also lift lots of heavy trash bags and bins and etc.

And I know how you're supposed to lift with your knees, but when the garbage can is taller and goes up above your waist and you're trying to put the bag out of the bin, at one point it's going to put more pressure on your back.

Anyways, I'm getting ahead of myself.

So every other day I switch between vacuuming and getting trash, trading off with my coworker Earl (who is super nice and good to work with). Today (oh wait, I mean yesterday because I'm not publishing this until tomorrow... or today...) I was getting trash and I go through the third floor to get it out of all the offices and a particular office threw away like two dozen cans of soda, full cans of soda (I'm sorry if you wanted me to steal one for you). So all that soda plus more trash creates a pretty heavy bag of trash.

After I was done with the third floor I headed down to the second floor where I was supposed to have a new trash can, but it wasn't there. So since I needed room in the trash can to get the trash on the second floor I decided (a horrible decision really (Tangled quote anyone??)) to just take out the current bag of trash, set it aside so I could take it out later, and get on with the second floor trash.

So I prep myself, bending my knees like a good girl, to lift this giant, heavy bag out of the bin. But again, the bin goes up to about my belly button, so at some point to get the bag out I had to put some pressure on my back. And while my arms were strong enough to lift the bag, I did not expect the intense amount of pressure that would end up on my back. I ended up knocking the bin over as I was in so much pain!!

I couldn't move for a few minutes and let my back kind of adjust and let the pain settle. So I drug the bag over to a corner and just let it sit there and went on with the second floor trash, all the while feeling a small amount of pain in my back.

Later I had to go grab that heavy bag again, put it back in the bin, and later again get the bag from the bin into the trash compactor. All the while adding more pressure and pain to my back.

Growing up in dance and with really bad knees (seriously, I've been told my three doctors already I'm going to have arthritis someday) I've been really good at ignoring pain. I handle pain well and don't complain too much about it, so if I do, it means it's really bad.

When I got home from work and was finally able to settle and keep from moving, I realized just how much pain my back was really in. And having never broken a bone or had any serious injuries, I had never been in this much pain before!

So my husband came home and gave me pain killer and now here we are! It still really hurts, my doctor cousin gave me some advice, and someone gave me advice on how to prevent back injury (thanks, that would have been nice a few hours ago). But I had some bacon, which makes me happy, and now I'm going to sleep! Hopefully I didn't majorly injure my back permanently. That would suck.

Follow me on Twitter to see how my back is feeling tomorrow!! 
... or today, I guess... 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Typically on holidays I make a holiday "card" like the one above with a picture of my husband and I, however, I'm really missing these girls lately and we were celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the picture so I thought it would be more fun to post this pic instead of a random one with my husband. 

This picture was taken a few years ago when these girls were my roommates and best friends. We're still friends but I practically never see or talk to them. I've been missing them a lot though so I'm putting up a picture of them today. Love you Lindsay and Kristina!! 


St. Patrick's Day Wishlist

st patrick's day
HAIR BOW: Icing CAMERA BAG: Accessorize SKIRT: Hollister SHIRT: People Tree SHOES: DSW   

This should be changed to my "St. Patrick's Day outfit if I lived in a warmer environment". This is more of a summer outfit (and in Northern Utah March is definitely not summer) but I think this skirt is adorable and I love the simplicity and comfort of the top paired with it. I think I definitely need to get myself those shoes and the hair bow as well. Super adorable!!

Later this week I'll post what I actually wore on St. Patrick's Day, but for now I'm just dreaming about what I wish I could wear...

This beautiful collage was made through Polyvore, which I absolutely love! Don't forget to sign up and start making your own "wishlists". 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pinterest Sunday: St. Patrick's Day

I pretty much don't do Pinterest Sunday anymore, but with a holiday coming up I decided it would be a good time to put up all my St. Patrick's Day pins! You can find my personal Pinterest page HERE and this blog's Pinterest page HERE

Well that's it I guess. I hope you all do something fun for St. Patrick's Day! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Song of the Week: The Man Who Can't be Moved

Seeing as it's almost St. Patrick's Day, I decided to do a song from an Irish band. I'm so clever. Anyways, I absolutely love The Script and this is probably my favorite song by them! It's just so wonderful, such a hauntingly beautiful love song. I love it ever so much and I hope you love it too!

And to further celebrate St. Patty's Day, here's a real Irish song:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Riding on a Bus: CVTD

While it wasn't originally included on The Cache Valley Checklist, I realized this is something that needed to be added. Sure the list is mostly just fun things to do in Logan, but I also created it as a way for me to become more of a "Loganite". And what better way to become a "Loganite" than by riding on the bus?

I've ridden on the CVTD before because in my four years of living in Logan I've never had a car for more than a couple months. I sort of have one now but my husband and I share it and since he's a pizza delivery driver he's pretty much in charge of it and I don't get to drive that much (which is a real shame because I love driving).

This Monday I had to take the bus to work because Chris was down in Kaysville and Provo for the day. So I went onto the CVTD website, found the nearest stop, learned when it would arrive and planned out my trip with a transfer at the transit station.

I grew up in the Salt Lake area and I'm in love with Trax and even Front Runner, but I do not like the bus system down there. One time I was taking a bus to Provo to stay with my sister for the weekend and the bus got a flat tire on the freeway and we were stuck. On the side of the freeway. For about 30 minutes until the next bus stopped and picked us up. But parked oddly far so I had to walk with my bags on the side of the freeway with the strange bunch of bus riders to get to the other bus. Yeah... good times?

But the bus system in Cache Valley is absolutely amazing! First of all, IT'S FREE. Yep, you can just hop on any bus and ride all the buses all around Logan for a day and never pay a cent (well technically you do with taxes, but whatever, it's still totally worth it). In my experience I've seen school kids hop on these city buses to get home from school.

These buses feel very safe and clean. These buses go all over Cache Valley and they are extremely helpful. They go everywhere! The drivers are nice and it's overall a really good experience. I think more college students need to take advantage of these buses instead of driving everywhere. There are two buses that go straight to campus and I feel not as many students that could use them do, myself included. Because I work on campus, so if I can take the bus to get to work why do I never take the (free) bus to school??? (Maybe because with the transfer it takes a half hour...)

Monday's experience was fun because this weird kid asked me "What's your ancestry?" Which is a weird question to randomly ask a stranger. He later asked "How long have you had that ring on your finger?" Which was also a weird question but I'm glad he was able to get the hint I was taken.

I think the CVTD is fantastic and definitely helps you to become a true Loganite! More people should take advantage of this amazing bus system! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Product Review: Mane 'n Tail

Okay, I apologize I didn't put much effort into the above picture, but it gets the point across right? Anyways, as you can tell this is a review of the Mane 'n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner. And do I have quite a bit to say about this product! NOTE: This is not a paid review, I bought this product myself and this is a personal and honest review.

As you may know I cut my long hair at the beginning of the year. I think that it's a really cute cut and a great hairstyle, but it's just not me. I don't feel like myself anymore. And it's been a few months so I should be used to it by now, but I'm not. I'm just impatiently waiting for it to grow.

So I've been doing some online research to find ways to help your hair grow faster, because I want to feel like myself again. One of the ideas was using Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner. A few years ago my roommate used this product and seemed to like it so I decided it was about time to give it a try.

 I bought the shampoo and conditioner at Smith's. But I'm pretty sure you can get it at similar stores. The cost is different at different stores so it may be best to review prices to find the best one. You can also buy it on Amazon HERE .

This shampoo and conditioner smells AMAZING!! I love it! But more importantly than that, since I've been using it I've noticed my hair to be softer, less tangled, and I have so many less fly-aways! I can't tell if it's helping my hair to grow, but I've noticed such a difference in just the feel and texture of my hair and I've never been happier with the way my hair feels.

When I get out of the shower, I don't even have to brush my hair and get out the tangles, because there are none! Which, one of the tips for helping your hair grow was to not brush it after the shower, which is something I've always had to do, but now I don't feel like I need to!

My hair feels incredibly healthy, strong, and definitely manageable.

I think that one of the biggest pros is that they come in big bottles for a reasonable price, meaning that it can last a long time. I definitely think it's worth the money. It depends on where you get it, but it's around $6 per bottle so for me it was around $12 for both the shampoo and conditioner. I've had it for maybe a month but I doesn't feel like I've used up any. There's a lot of product in there and since I don't use too much it should last me quite a while.

I honestly can't think of any cons. Maybe that the bottles are heavy? And if you dropped them in the shower it could injure your foot? But come on, they're also used for horses and other animals so they need to be heavy and have a lot or product in there.

I definitely recommend this product. I don't know if I've ever been happier with a shampoo and conditioner before. Whether or not it's helping my hair grow, I'm so happy with this product and feel like this is a product I'll buy again and again. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What I've Learned From 10 Months of Marriage

I'm pretty much in shock that we are so close to our one year anniversary! Chris and I have been together for two and a half years and we both feel like we've been married forever. We both feel we were meant to be together and that's why it feels like we've been together for so long. I love it!

Anyways, I've done posts like this before and I just think they are a good post for me to share my perspective on marriage. So here are a few things I've learned from 10 months of marriage.

Nothing is set in stone. 
After getting married and we moved into our first apartment together we both assumed we would just stay there until we were graduated from college and left Logan. But then we didn't have enough money to stay there so we moved into our new place and now in only two months we're moving again to Texas.

Our married life has been chaotic because we've never really had the chance to settle down. We expected to feel more settled down but it's never been that way. While it causes some stress, we're learning to handle our chaotic life together. Honestly, it's hard to never have a permanent home, but as long as I'm with Chris I'm happy.

We are so good at fighting.
Chris and I really don't fight that much in the first place, but when we do we are able to solve our differences quickly and easily. A few days ago we were in an argument and I was going off about something and I ended up quoting How I Met Your Mother, which immediately lightened the mood. Chris understood why I was angry, but we both knew it wasn't too big of a deal and we were able to resolve the fight quickly. Best marriage ever.

All decisions should be made together. 
This one seems pretty obvious, but it's a big deal. In marriage you absolutely have to communicate and make decisions together, because if one person goes off and does their own thing without talking to the other, it can cause major problems. We've never had a big issue with this but we work hard to always communicate with each other. We've made quite a few big decisions lately (Texas, Fashion BloggingCollege) and we've consulted each other about every detail. It's been really important and has helped strengthen our marriage.

I've never been happier. 
Living with depression is hard, but my husband makes it so much better! He always knows the right way to make me happy when I'm feeling down. I don't know how he does it. A few years ago before I met Chris my biggest fear was that I would never find someone who would tolerate my depression. Chris has exceeded all expectations and makes me happier than I've ever been before in my life. And I am eternally grateful to have him in my life.

This post is short but I just wanted to say a few quick things about my marriage. Happy 10 months to me! And thank goodness for Little Caesars for being one of the only restaurants cheap enough for us to have a special lunch together. :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Breakfast Dress

SHIRT: Kohl's DRESS: New York & Company BOOTS: Ross

I had the plan to curl my hair and leave it all down, but then we were late to church so it was slightly curled, slightly still wet from my shower, and I just pulled half of it back. So please just ignore my hair in this picture because I wasn't a fan.

I shared this dress earlier this week in a different post. This little white dress was one of the three white dresses I wore on my wedding day, and I am so in love with this dress!! I wore it to the family breakfast the day of the wedding, so to me this dress is always known as "My Breakfast Dress".

I wanted to make it a bit more casual though so I paired it with my chambray shirt. When I told my husband my idea for this outfit he doubted it, but when he saw it he thought it looked great. He doesn't have much fashion sense apparently. Ha ha. But I love him anyways!

Oh! One more thing, Chris insisted on the location. We live next to this gym that's supposed to be the "gym of the future" and all high-tech and everything, but we never see anyone there. Anyways, they have these weird light-up palm trees. Which is what I'm standing next to in the first picture. Someday I'll show you a real picture of the palm trees, because it's just a weird thing.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Song of the Week: The Logical Song

I can't remember a single car ride with my family that didn't involve this song. My mom wanted to listen to country, my dad did not, and one of the only CDs my family could all agree on was Supertramp (and ELO). When we were little my sister and I would turn on this Supertramp CD and dance around in the living room to it. Supertramp has a special place it my heart for all the happy memories it brings back to me. I love this song, I love the album, and I basically just love Supertramp.

And yesterday I heard this incredible cover of Say Something (which I'm already in love with) and I just couldn't let this song go by without immediately being up on my blog. So here is the second song of the week that I am beyond in love with and just want to listen to over and over again. Chills. Major chills.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Five On Friday: A Sign From God

This post is part of a link-up I do with The Good Life. If you don't already, you should join in on the fun! And if you found me through the link-up, welcome to my blog! Everyone reading, if you don't want to read through the whole thing, just skip down to #5 because it's my favorite and it's super important and I'd love you forever if you read it! THANK YOU!!! 

So I downloaded an awesome app on my new phone which made my notification ringtone sound like this little guy:

And I'm pretty much in love. I get super excited whenever someone sends me a text because then I get to hear the adorable R2D2, who is my most favorite character in the whole Star Wars franchise. Yep, my favorite character is a droid who doesn't actually talk, but he honestly has the most personality!

Next week is my Spring Break!

And you know what I'm doing with my Spring Break (Wa hoo!) ...homework and working. Yep, I'm staying in Logan and getting relaxation, caught up on homework, and going to work to get paid (because it's still Money Free March). To be honest, I didn't even realize it was Spring Break until Monday, and I don't really care. I've never gone anywhere for Spring Break (except to Washington and Idaho my first year, but it wasn't a vacation, see #5 below) and I honestly enjoy staying and making some money. Because it's just relaxing to be out of school for a week. And Logan is dead when all the college students leave so you can go anywhere with no lines!

(Sorry, no YouTube video for this one) I have gone to the gym three times this week. Yay me! But let's backtrack a little. On Monday I was having issues with my depression and was just really feeling down. One of my main issues was when I looked in the mirror, I just wasn't happy. While THIS POST was written as a joke, I've really been struggling lately seeing how much weight I've gained since my wedding. I'm just not happy with myself. So while I can't just get rid of my depression, I can get rid of the extra weight that's bothering me. And this week I've been eating right and going to the gym and it's honestly making me happier. Yay for working out!

I went through the third season of Dance Academy on Netflix this week!

I truly love this show! I don't know how they do it but they make you simply fall in love with all the characters and really care about their lives and their drama (which is so unrealistic sometimes but I still love it). My husband hates it so I watch it while he's working, but I love this show so very much and it just makes me miss ballet and want to dance!!! Which leads into #5...

(This one is my favorite so pay attention!) Last night at work I was listening to my iPod (which, that alone is a rare occurrence because I hate having my headphones compete with the vacuum, but I was by myself, not vacuuming, and super bored so I needed some music (this whole event was miraculous and like a sign from God and the fact that I was listening to my iPod, which I normal don't, is just an incredible event)) and a song comes on that I first heard four years ago, almost exactly to the date (Spring Break 2010), right after my Grandpa's funeral. And when I first heard that song I replayed it over and over again and I knew in that moment that I had to choreograph a dance to this song about my grandpa and his relationship with my grandma.

I don't find it a coincidence that almost exactly four years later I hear the song on my iPod, replay it a few times, listening again to the beautiful words and picturing the dance in my head, almost in tears as it tells the story of my grandma and grandpa.

Recently I've been talking a lot about how I don't know what I want to do with my life anymore. I've been dancing since I was four years old and have been talking my whole life about wanting to dance forever and to teach dance. But somewhere along the way I forgot about dance and how much joy it brings me.

The event last night felt like a sign from God that I need to get back into dance. Not just that, but I absolutely need to choreograph that dance tribute to my grandpa who almost exactly four years ago passed away. So I have a new unofficial goal to finish the choreography for this dance and somehow, somewhere teach it to a willing couple. I absolutely have to see that dance in real life. When I listen to the song, I can see the dance clearly in my head and it brings me to tears. I need to see it in person, I need to create it.

I don't think it's a sign to drop everything and strictly devote my life to dance, but it's something I need to get back into soon. I feel so humbled and so blessed to have received this sign and I am truly grateful for an answer to my stress and problems from my loving Father in Heaven. I am truly blessed.

And Grandpa Clark, I love you very much. I love that even though you're gone I keep learning more and more about you and I keep loving you more with each new story. I miss you. We're taking good care of Grandma for you, she's happy but she misses you very much. I love you Grandpa, you are truly amazing and you are greatly missed. I can't wait to see you again someday! 


Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Moments I Feel Like a Married Couple

Is it bad to say that I don't always feel like a married person? That my life hasn't completely changed from a few years ago? My life shifts from feeling married to feeling like a regular college student. But how can it not with the craziness my past nine months of marriage have brought me.

(I don't think I've ever shown this photo on my blog before, this is after the reception where we walked through a tunnel of sparklers (which scared me because I hate being close to an open flame) and I was leaning on Chris to walk because my feet hurt so badly. But I absolutely love this photo because we just look so happy (and we honestly were) and I loved my hair and that dress.) 

After the wedding on the honeymoon I felt married then. Because it was the first time in my life I was on a vacation without my parents (okay, I've been on ballroom and choir tour, but there were adults and I wasn't in charge of checking into hotels and such). We were in charge of the vacation and everyone at Disneyland was congratulating us on our marriage. We were happily in love and were happy to finally be married.

Moving in together for the first time was obviously a huge change. I felt married then. After eight months of living two hours from each other we were finally together 24/7 and I felt like we were a married couple then. We had our own apartment we shared a bed, we paid bills, we were a married couple.

But then I spent the whole summer job-less and stuck in the apartment, and I didn't feel married. I felt like a loser with no job living with my best friend. I didn't feel like we were a real married couple. I knew I was married, but it didn't feel any different than when I was living with roommates before.

On social outings with family (like our family Jackson Hole trip pictured above) I felt married (and super short). When we were around family I felt like we were a married couple. It became this way in any social situation. When we were out shopping or out with friends (ha, we don't ever hang out with friends, that's a lie) I felt married then. But when we returned home and sat around doing nothing, the feeling was lost.

When we are cleaning the house together, I feel like a married couple. In social situations, I feel like a married couple. When we go out and do something, I feel like a married couple. But when we're at home, I don't. And I feel it's because it doesn't feel like my home.

We've already lived in two different apartments and are moving again in two months. Things haven't settled yet. Nothing is set in stone. And I think that's why I struggle to feel like a married couple. We're approaching our one year anniversary in a few months and I've yet felt settled down as a married couple and it really bothers me. I love being married to Chris and I love him with all my heart, but I want those brief moments where I feel like a married couple to last forever.

I want to feel married all the time, and it's hard for me that I don't feel this way yet. Shouldn't it have happened? Why can't I feel it yet? I do love Chris and it has nothing to do with a lack of love, it's just a feeling that comes and goes, but I want it all the time, not just some of the time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Web Video Wednesday: Pond Creatures

I decided this year that I wasn't going to do Web Video Wednesday. I'm working on updating my blog to make it more appealing and Web Video Wednesday was just one of those things that was easy to get rid of and not regret. This particular video is an exception, because it's my husband's YouTube debut!!

Chris made this with his brothers about a year ago (they are on missions now and he's not wearing a ring because we weren't married yet, crazy huh). Sadly it took this long to get the whole thing edited the way they wanted, turns out all they needed was the right software. More episodes were made and Chris has ideas for more to come, and I will always be featuring them on this blog, because I'm super proud of my hubby for being so passionate about something. 

So prepare for an awesome fishing video parody of River Monsters (which is an awesome show whether you enjoy fishing or not, check it out). I hope you love it!!!  
(PS, if you can't watch the whole thing just skip to 7:47 to see just how obsessed with fishing my husband can be, I promise it's worth it.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An Old Dress


This was my church outfit this week. The dress I got as a gift/hand-me-down from my mom's friend and I have absolutely no idea where it's from or even what brand it is. I should also point out that I've had it since like middle school, so I'm pretty sure there is no way you could find it anyways. So... yeah... this is my outfit.

Also, if you noticed, I don't post my outfit posts on the day I actually wear them. So you may see sneak peeks of my outfits if you follow me on Instagram!!

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