Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Can't Lose Weight

Before ya'll freak out and say I'm too skinny to lose weight, you're wrong. I know I'm not obese, but after nine months of marriage there is absolutely no way I could fit back into my wedding dress, and that fact makes me die a little inside. My goal is to get back to the weight I was before my wedding. And that's a completely reasonable goal. So don't be hating on me! Anyways, here are the top ten reasons I haven't been able to lose weight!

1.Time. I don't have time to go to the gym!

2. Sickness. I was sick basically all of January and now I'm sick again, and if you think I'm being a wimp I just barely ran from a building to a car and it resulted in a massive cough attack and difficulty breathing.

3. School. Yes, I'm blaming college for my problems a lot lately...

4. My husband works at Papa Johns. I mean seriously, how do you lose weight when you can have discounted pizza all the time?

5. I hate cooking so eating greasy fast food makes me happier. But it's a horrible, horrible addiction for both my body and my wallet.

6. Holidays. We had so much leftover Christmas candy and as soon as that was gone we got Valentine's candy. Nobody give me candy for St. Patrick's Day!

7. Laziness. I could go to the gym... or I could sit and watch New Girl!

8. But my job is like exercise right??? I do carry around a vacuum on my back and am on my feet the whole time.

9. Procrastination. It's one of my greatest talents. (wink wink)

10. I'M ADDICTED TO FOOD!!! And I honestly can't stop eating.


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  1. You should read the book "intuitive eating". It will change your life.


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