Saturday, February 15, 2014

Song of the Week: Tattooed Heart

I love this song so much! But let's talk about that performance for a second. This is what more celebrities should do. While we enjoy a good performance and entertainment, it is absolutely incredible to see a young star like Ariana Grande just standing solo at a microphone and singing like a major superstar. Her voice is so incredibly and I thank whoever helped direct this performance that they saw this song and her voice didn't need a production, she could make this song amazing just with her voice. Ariana Grande is one of the few celebrities out there right now who actually has a good voice (which is so sad when you think about it) and she is so incredibly talented that she doesn't need a production to make her look good. And I am so obsessed with her and think she should be my friend...

It's my husband's birthday today!! I'll write about how we're celebrating it later next week, but just know we're having a great time. :) As I've been doing for February, I picked a love song for the song of the week, and while this isn't the love song between my husband and I (I'm saving that one for our anniversary) it's a song that I think can work well with our relationship. We're stuck together forever, much like a tattoo. I love my Christopher so very much and am glad we have eternity to spend together!


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