Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm Moving to Texas???

Alright people, let's get real here for a moment. Life is crazy and filled with many unexpected twists and turns. I had no idea that after getting married I wouldn't be able to find a job and we'd be super poor and have to move and do all these things because of our lack of money. I had no idea starting out in college that I would be here for eight years, changing my major three times. And I had no idea that an opportunity would come and we would move to Texas for the summer....


Yeah, you heard me right. WE'RE MOVING TO TEXAS FOR THE SUMMER!!!

It's alright to be majorly surprised because I'm super surprised too. Here's the whole story. Chris got approached by some old mission friends about a job opportunity for the summer. He would be selling pest control in Texas for the summer. My husband thought about it but didn't really consider it as an option. We have a whole life here, it feels like we just moved and were finally getting settled in, and we both have jobs here.

Chris went down to Salt Lake and they took him out to dinner and explained the whole job to him. Chris became more interested but still didn't really want to uproot our little family despite the ridiculous amounts of money he could get.

Then, only a few days later, at his Papa Johns job, he delivered a large order of pizzas to a similar type of company. They paid the bill then handed him a $75 tip. Chris took the money happily, we've been struggling financially for months and $75 is a lot to us. But this tip got him to thinking...

This company handed him the $75 like it was worthless to them. They had tons of money and we easily able to spend $75 just for a tip. Chris realized that he's lucky to get a $1 tip here and he began thinking about the job offer more. If he were to take the job, he could potentially have $75 to spare as a tip.

We then went on our St. George trip where Chris talked with his brother who was offered a similar type job in California. They began comparing their offers, wanting to do something together, but Chris was still on the fence of whether or not we should really go.

After a lovely dinner at his grandma's house, Chris and I went walking hand in hand through the warm St. George neighborhood. We began discussing our options. Much to his surprise I immediately suggested we go to Texas. Because while we have a life here, we may never get an opportunity like this again. Chris is going to graduate soon and I want kids soon (but should wait till I graduate). This is one of the only times it's just us and we'd be able to do something like this.

We discussed it carefully and went over the plan and the different options till we made a decision. We needed to move to Texas.

While we both understand that it'll be a struggle and he will be working constantly, we both agree that a new experience and an adventure like this will be good for us. We are both sad we'll miss out on things at home and have to put everything on hold for a while, we believe that this is the right decision for us.

Obviously, if you live in Texas you have to tell me all about the wonderful things I have to do! I'm considering making something like The Cache Valley Checklist but for Texas and things that we can do in one summer. So if you think I should do that, let me know and if you have things for me to do in Texas please leave a comment or shoot me an email! And whether or not I make I checklist, you can bet I'll be blogging about the whole adventure!

This is a huge change for us and we're both incredibly nervous and excited. But mostly excited. It's an adventure and it'll be a big change, but we're both very happy about our decision.


  1. Good luck with your moving!
    You have such a lovely blog! ;) feel free to check out mine! xo

    1. Thank you so much! It'll be a crazy move but we're excited. You have a beautiful blog!

  2. Oh there's a ton of things to do in the summer in Texas. Be prepared - it's hot! Swing by my blog - there's a bunch you can check out or let me know if you need specifics!

    1. I am nervous about the heat. Especially since I've never been much of a shorts person. I'll have to wear dresses a lot. :)

  3. That's exciting news! I hope it all works out well!


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