Friday, February 28, 2014

February Favorites

I very last minute decided to do a Monthly Favorites post for this month so it is very haphazardly thrown together and it's kind of short. But it's been a while since I did one and I've been wanting to start doing it again so why not now?


I don't remember how I found this blog this month but I started reading and knew I would always, always, always keep reading. There are very few blogs out there that are so beautifully well written that you can't stop reading and this blog is becoming an inspiration for my own. I want my readers to never stop reading. It's a work in progress though.

FAVORITE SNACK: Brach's Conversation Hearts

And it has to be this brand and look like this. And preferable it's the larger size. Brach's hearts are so much softer than other brands that for me, who has this fear of biting into hard things, I can enjoy them like a normal person. I ate two bags of the large ones and one bag of the small ones. Good thing they only come around once a year!


I had seen a few episodes before, but this month I found three seasons on Netflix and have been majorly binge-watching!!! I'm obsessed. This show is so funny and great and it just makes me so happy! And yay for me for having a husband who tolerates me watching it all the time.


My husband and I have seen it twice and we're obsessed. It's so funny and happy and we just love it so much!! (Random Tangent: I was editing a paper and it was really bothering me that she said "and" multiple times in a sentence, but as I'm writing this I realize I do it too sometimes, but never in a school paper, but am I still a bad person for doing it?) Go see The Lego Movie!!!


FYI, this category is not determined by me. I base it on which post that I've written this month has had the most page views, and I Hate College is the winner. This post now has a follow-up post FOUND HERE. This post was written in anger but it's sadly incredibly truthful. Again, I haven't made a final decision yet, I do still appreciate your comments and suggestions, they are very helpful and I am super grateful.

My I'm Moving to Texas post was a close second and worth mentioning because some people still don't know about this drastic change in my life that I keep waking up having nightmares about moving. Since our move less that three months ago was kind of a disaster with packing up our stuff, I'm so stressed about a more serious move like this.

FAVORITE EVENT: My St. George Trip

It was so incredibly fun to leave the cold and go to St. George. I seriously love St. George and always wanted to live down there. I loved being able to swim and to explore and to eat good food! It was so great celebrating my AMAZING husband's birthday and it was just a fantastic trip!

Tonight we're seeing Brian Reagan! But I don't think that will top the St. George trip... we'll see...

What were your favorite things this month? Leave a comment and let me know! Visit my blog later today for my February Review!

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  1. mmm.. candy hearts are the best! And I adore New Girl- I honestly can't decide which character I like best. I've heard a lot of great things about The Lego Movie- I will have to check it out this weekend. Great post, thanks!

    - Rebeka @


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