Monday, February 10, 2014

A Day In The Life Of Me

Hey friends! So I found this post in my drafts and decided to share it anyways. This post was back in November, before my brother-in-law got home from his mission. I think I'm going to do another one of these posts, but let me know what you think in the comments below.


I've never done one of these posts but I always see them done by other bloggers or Youtubers and find them fun and interesting. I picked a hectic day to write about though! With classes, upcoming tests, presentations, and big papers, I'm incredibly busy lately! But this is my schedule from Tuesday.

8:20 Wake up and try to convince my husband to wake up as well, he has class before I do.

8:30 Shower and shave

8:58 Drive Chris to class in sweats, oversized jacket, wet hair, and no bra.

9:05 Check Facebook, my favorite blogs, my blog, bank account status, etc all while drinking a weight loss shake for breakfast.

9:40 Hair and makeup and getting dressed, singing and dancing to Pandora as I go.

10:20 Drive up to campus, switch off drivers with Chris, Chris drops me off at my class. It's a system we have down quite nicely.

10:30 Introduction to elementary education class (which was awesome because we built paper towers).

11:45 Class ends, I pick up the school newspaper and walk to the TSC circle where Chris is waiting with the car. He goes to class and I head home.

12:00 Eat Ramen and watch How I Met Your Mother Youtube videos.

12:30 Pick up Chris from his class.

12:40 Arrive at the bank and take out every last penny we have.

12:55 Pay rent to the managers.

12:57 Get back home and on the couch to watch more Youtube videos.

1:15 Husband brings over a bowl of delicious food and watches Youtube with me. But I really should be doing homework or studying...

3:00 Work on list of movies for Sheldon to watch when he gets home.

3:50 Drive up to campus to sit in computer lab and work on a paper for class.

4:44 Submit paper online and immediately regret this decision. It isn't due till the next day so I still had time to revise! Dumb choice Kaylee!

4:57 Clock in at work. And work, and work, and work, and joke around, and work, and laugh, and work, and tell stories at break, then back to work, and play with fake snow, and climb into a basket, and play with toys in the bookstore, and read weird $1 books, and that's what we call work.

9:03 Clock out at work.

9:10 Go down to the computer lab again to work on homework, but don't actually do homework, just explore the lives of my Facebook friend.

9:30 Get picked up by husband.

9:35 Arrive and home and realize I have no motivation to do homework... but I have to do homework and study...

11:30 Eventually get ready for bed and go to sleep.

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