Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Dream in Which I Met Ariana Grande

I have a lot of weird dreams. I think it's because I'm a writer, and I write weird things sometimes. I mean I love reading Edgar Allan Poe and creepy stories like that so sometimes that's just where my mind goes in my dreams, and it's weird.

But last night's dream wasn't weird. In fact, it was like the opposite of weird, because not only did it feel incredibly real, when I woke up I realized it should be real. Well maybe not exactly, but the part where I met Ariana Grande and we became friends should be real.

The dream took place at a stake dance. Yes, a stake dance. I'm twenty-three, haven't been to a stake dance since I was like sixteen, plus I'm married and was still married in the dream, but for some strange reason I was at a stake dance. For any of you who don't know, stake dances are put on by the LDS church for their youth ages fourteen and up. I went to them a lot because I love to dance and it was fun to meet new people and hang out with my friends.

But basically, just know that the dream took place in a church at a dance. That's all you need to know about that anyways.

So I was dancing with my old friends from the neighborhood that I grew up in. For some reason we were all still married, but our husbands were absent. I don't know where they were, but they were gone. We still talked about them and there was no cheating involved, but no husbands were apparently allowed in my dream.

We were just dancing the night away and who happens to somehow get stranded at a church building in Sandy and/or Draper, Utah (where I don't even live anymore)... ARIANA GRANDE.

To fully understand the significance of this dream you have to understand that I have a potentially unhealthy obsession with Ariana Grande. I think she is beyond gorgeous, her singing voice is absolutely incredible, she's actually a talented actor despite the fact I dislike the shows she's in and her character is dumb but still cute, and I honestly just obsess over her Twitter and Instagram because I love the way she is so honest and real with her fans.


Anyways, so she walks in with some boy who is her friend (I'm guessing) and for some reason she has her red hair (like in the picture above) and it's in a pony-tail (I had my long hair in the dream because I have yet to dream of myself with shorter hair, I just don't feel like me right now). She and her friend are noticed, but mostly ignored, and they just sort of walk around for a while and end up just sitting on the stage.

Me, wanting to get closer, go to the stage to start digging through my purse for chapstick (because I'm addicted to chapstick so that's a perfectly reasonable cover, see, even in my dreams I'm smooth). So I end up getting closer to the lovely Ariana Grande and ask her some questions (which I honestly can't remember).

But I very distinctly remember her gracefully leaping off the stage to come hug me. And... is it weird that I know she's slightly shorter than me and in my dream that hug accounted for our height differences? And the hug lasted a while too and felt so incredibly real.

When the dance ended, shortly after the hug and more talking to Ariana Grande, I walked outside with her and her friend. They said that their car broke down a few blocks away and they figured a good play to hang out would be a church. I immediately offer them a ride and even invite them over for some food and games... and Ariana Grande said yes. (It's like my first date with her... I'm totally joking! I was still married in the dream and I don't like her in that way, ha ha)

We walk to my car, which happens to be my husbands car that has a big Liverpool FC sticker on the back windshield and the boy with Ariana Grande gets really excited. He says he also loves Liverpool! (At this point in the dream, my husband was awake and watching a Liverpool game, I think he infected my dream because the boy also said something about Aston Villa, which is who Liverpool was playing in the game my husband was watching. Apparently I'm very receptive with I'm half asleep.)

The boy talked about getting some alcohol, I told him I don't drink, but I wouldn't care if he did, but I knew that all liquor stores were already closed for the night (okay, this one is weird because I had a dream months ago about driving around looking for a open liquor store at ten at night (don't ask why because I don't know) so in this new dream, I was basing the idea that all liquor stores were closed on that old dream, I have very vivid and memorable dreams, apparently)

We all get in my car and drive to some house... or hotel... it was weird and I don't know what it was but I had never been there before. We hang out, play some games, and end up all falling asleep on the couches and the floor. (Seriously, where is my husband? I mean I had his car. We only have one car, what was he doing? I'm very concerned for my missing dream husband.)

And then I started to wake up but not before my dream shifted and we suddenly became stranded in the place we were in because of a flash flood (my dreams always tend to have a random shift at the end when I'm waking up).

So that's my dream.

...but there's more to this post.

You see, when I woke up (and my husband chastised me for sleeping in until noon (hello, I have been incredibly sick and dying all week, I think I have an excuse)) not only did that dream feel like it had actually happened, it felt like it should happen.

I'm not saying I was predicting the future (like that one time I had a dream my uncle proposed and I woke up the next day to find out that he actually had) but that the idea of Ariana Grande and myself becoming friends could, and should, actually become a reality.

I mean, why can't we be friends? Sure she's a busy celebrity and I haven't worked all week and just sat on a couch a watched Psych (seriously, I've never been this sick before), but I honestly believe that Ariana Grande and I could be friends. It's not just the dream, but her personality that I see and read about in interviews, I truly, honestly, sincerely believe that our personalities would match incredibly well and we could become good friends... if we ever met.

This dream could be a last desperate chance for me to find a friend. I've been struggling for so long (nearly a year) with the fact that I don't have any friends, even in my dreams I don't have any friends to hang out with. I'm usually alone, with my husband, or the dream isn't even about me.

And people always say that I'm overreacting when I say I don't have any friends but here are the facts: I haven't hung out with anyone besides my husband or family members in almost a year; I never get any phone calls or even text messages from friends, only family; when on Facebook I say "I'm sick, who wants to bring me food ;)" I get two replies, one from a boy who used to have a crush on me and lives two hours away and the other from my husband (who was currently an hour away); even when I meet new people, we talk in class or at work, but they seem to have no desire to hang out with me outside of class or work and don't even try to get my phone number; and lastly, the friends that I thought I had, that have been my friends forever, that were my bridesmaids... I haven't heard from since my wedding.

The facts are there people, I'm not overreacting about me not having any friends.

So this dream, in a way, could be a way for me to find a friend, even if it's just in my dreams. Because people need people. I need friends. I love my husband to death and I love being around him all the time, but sometimes he goes off with his friends, why don't I have any friends to hang out with?

Ariana Grande could be my friend. I do believe if we met in real life we could be friends, good friends. But we probably will never meet, so at least I have her as a friend in my dreams.

I love you Ariana Grande, thanks for being a friend! 

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