Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sponsor This Blog!

Hey friends! I'm doing a free monthly trial with Passion Fruit Ads to try and get more revenue on this blog. You can buy an ad on my page by clicking on Sponsor.

Sponsoring and advertising with my blog is different because only 10% of the money goes back to me. When you buy an ad on my blog I will give 70% of that money to the Charity of the Month  and then 20% goes back to you through Giveaways!

Buying an ad on my page helps to generate pageviews for your own blog as while as gives money to charity. You'll be helping others! And if you keep returning to my blog, it can pay off and come back to you through Giveaways!

There are three different types of ads to buy on my blog. There is a small ad, a large ad, and the extra large ad which gives you the opportunity to write a guest post on my blog! Please take this opportunity to purchase an ad now!

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