Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pinterest Sunday: Shirt, Money, Rebel, Glitter, Memento, Olaf, Hair, Psych, Motivation, Leggings, Red, Travel, Map, and Shrek

I don't really have an introduction for this post today. It's just another one of my Pinterest Sunday posts. But I hope you enjoy it! 

This shirt is super cute! I've never been a fan of long sleeves. I'm wearing one right now and I have the sleeves rolled up because I just can't handle sleeves, I don't know why. So I'm not sure if this shirt would actually be practical for me but I think it's super cute. 

I really love this list! It has a ton of really great ideas to cut spending, which I always need. 

Is there anyone who doesn't like Rebel Wilson? She's so awesome! And I love Ellen so much as well. Best pin I've ever pinned. ;)

Umm, I super need this! I have a glitter obsession and I just want to glitter-ize everything! 

I'm not a scrapbooker but I love to keep mementos from all my trips and general outings. I want to start doing this with all the fun things my husband and I do together. 

Chris and I saw Frozen a few weeks ago, I liked it a lot, Chris didn't, all my Facebook friends are ridiculously obsessed with it and talk about it all the time... anyways, Olaf was basically the best part of the movie and I love him! 

Her hair is so beautiful and dark and curly and long and I wish mine could be like hers. I'm currently missing my long hair. I've had long hair since forever and it's just weird to have short hair. I'm still trying to finger comb my hair, throw it all over my shoulder, and I'm using way too much shampoo. I like my haircut, but it's just weird to not have long hair, and I want it back, eventually. 

I love Psych so much! I want to go on Netflix and go through all the seasons again, because I need to get back in the mood for the new Psych season! 

I need a motivational wall, something to keep me motivated to keep my my New Years Resolutions this year. I don't know where I'd put it though oh how to make it look classy. Any suggestions?

I want this outfit! My husband really wants me to buy leggings like this and If I had a whole outfit like this I agree. But I keep seeing girls wearing print leggings like this as a substitute for pants and it it just isn't right. But with this outfit, it's adorable! 

Can I have this outfit too? Like, seriously? This is super cute and I really really really want it! ...and my long hair back... 

I vote yes. Can I please? And while I'm at it...

I've had a goal since forever to visit every state in the U.S. and I think that this would be a fun way to share the memories of each of those trips! 

I love this fake Mormon ad! Shrek is awesome. 

Feel free to follow me on Pinterest to see all my pins! THANKS FOR READING!! 


  1. I LOVE that shirt with the lace sleeves. SO beautiful! Also, who doesn't love Rebel? I follow her on Twitter and she keeps me rolling haha!

    1. Oh my goodness, why haven't I been following her on Twitter? She's the best! I'm totally going to find her now. :)


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