Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pinterest Sunday: DIY, Foods, Neon, Cruel, Disney, Pink, Pinwheel, Roadtrip, Scriptures, Disney Parks, and Phoebe

This week I've pinned a ridiculous amount of clothing/fashion pins because I just want to shop and I'm so sick of my current wardrobe.... but I am going to save most of those pins for a Fashion Friday post this week. So stay tuned for all of those and I hope you enjoy this Pinterest Sunday post! 

As one of his Christmas presents, I promised my husband I would make a board/frame thing for the pictures of fish he catches. I had a pretty good idea in mind but then I saw this and knew I have to do this! But I could use like fishing wire and hooks! It'll be great! Stay tuned for a tutorial and video on it when I finally get around to making it. 

New Year, new me. I'm trying to lose one pound a week up  until my one year anniversary, because then I'll be at my wedding weight (yes I strayed that far off in the last 8 months). So I'm always looking for healthy foods and ways to lose weight. 

P.S. -I am already behind. I got sick so I didn't go to the gym at all last week and we still have tons of left over candy from Christmas (I have a theory that Santa gives us all so much candy so he doesn't feel as overweight himself) but this week I'll be starting a new routine (even though I still feel sick) and I'll be writing about it on here soon. 

As I said in my New Years Resolution post, one of my goals this year is to run a 5k. And if I reach my goal weight and become physically able to run a 5k, I am totally buying this workout outfit as a reward. 

Being sick all week (technically since Thanksgiving actually) I needed a good laugh to keep my spirits up, and this post did the trick! I feel bad but at the same time, it was good for a laugh. 


I absolutely love this coat! Maybe not the color, but the coat is so adorable and looks super warm. 

This weekend my husband and I finished cleaning and organizing the front room and kitchen!! Yeah, we moved in like a month ago and we're just barely getting to it. And we still have the bedrooms and bathroom. It's a work in progress. Anyways, while it's all clean and organized, it's not decorated yet and there's this ugly closet door that needs something and I'm thinking  something simple like these pinwheels. Maybe not the actual pinwheels, but something similar. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

If you've never seen this website CLICK ON THE LINK NOW!! This website is fantastic! Even for the simple drives my husband and I take to our parents house, this website helped me find lots of new and exciting places I never knew about. So click on it now and plan your roadtrip! 

Who doesn't need uplifting quotes or scriptures? These are all Bible scriptures and I absolutely love them! I want to frame some good quotes or scriptures around our house to keep us happy and reminded of the love of our Father in Heaven. 

I'll be honestly, I did know some of these because I'm a major Disney nerd, however some of these were a surprise and I loved learning them. Also, is anyone else addicted to BuzzFeed? Because I swear I find something amazing on it everyday. 

I'm ending with this one because I just love Friends! I tried to find the clip of this because the way Phoebe says it is so funny, but I couldn't find it. So here are other clips of Phoebe being awesome: 


  1. Love this collection. So funny and inspiring! Feel better and good luck with your resolutions.


  2. I love pinterest! It is the best place to find inspiration!



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