Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Sickness Story

It all started after Thanksgiving (yes, that long ago). I woke up the week after Thanksgiving with a sore throat. But I had no other symptoms so I tried to ignore it. A few days later the sore throat was gone but now I had a runny/stuffy nose. And then that was the only symptom and while it was annoying, I was, for the most part, fine.

A week after the sore throat it all combined into a cold. Not the worst cold I've ever had, but a cold none the less. I was still able to go about work and school (finals week actually) normally because my symptoms weren't so severe.

The cold persisted and finally, the day before Christmas Eve I noticed a white spot in the back of my throat and I immediately assumed something was wrong considering my sore throat had started almost three weeks prior.

We drove home on Christmas Eve and I was so caught up in the excitement of Christmas that I was able to mostly forget about my cold, except for the occasional cough. Later that night I checked my throat again and the white spot was gone and I felt (oddly enough) significantly better. As my Christmas break continued, I found myself feeling better and better.

Everything was going great again until after New Years and I went snowboarding. Being on the mountain in the snow (despite how warm it was that day) brought back my runny nose. My nose was so runny on that trip, in fact, that I rubbed the skin on my nose raw with my snow gloves just from that one day on the mountain.

That runny nose turned into a real cold again, but with no sore throat, yet a horrible cough. A cough that made me leave class for water on the first day because I couldn't breathe because I had been coughing for the past five minutes. Almost right after that class we visited the wellness center on campus which is free for students.

The doctor there looked over me and determined that I was fine. He said everything looked good, at the moment I wasn't coughing at all, and he deemed it just a cold. He briefly considered strep, bronchitis, and even mono but never tested those theories. He prescribed me some medicine which I started taking that night.

Just the day after first taking the medicine I felt supremely better! I had more energy, I wasn't coughing nearly as much, and my nose wasn't runny anymore. I was so happy that the medicine had worked!

... but apparently it was only temporary.

As soon as his prescription was gone, I woke up the next day with a sore throat. The day after that (yesterday) was even worse, major ear pain, extremely stuffed up nose, sinus headache, sore throat, constantly sneezing, overly exhausted, and feeling worse than I had through the whole duration of this sickness. I even took work off to rest and slept forever.

So now I want to visit a real doctor and figure out what is really wrong with me. I know I have a horrible immune system but let's be honest, this is getting ridiculous. It's been over a month, my husband hasn't gotten sick through this whole ordeal despite the fact that he still constantly kisses me when I'm sick (love him to death for it too), and it's taking a huge hit on my body physically, emotionally, and financially (because I have to miss work because I basically am too tired to do anything, also, doctors and medicine cost way too much).

What was your longest cold? Also, if you have any tips or advice to get me better, please leave a comment below! 

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