Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Charity of the Month: Reading is Fundamental

I am a college student working towards a degree in elementary education, but I was formerly an English major and before that a journalism major (I've been in college forever and still have like three years to go). I love books and reading, hence my Book Club, and I'm a huge supporter of teaching reading properly and promoting literacy.

For Charity of the Month this month I am promoting Reading is Fundamental who has a goal to create a literate America and give all children access to books. They have a lot of different programs and locations, but not in my area. But we can all still donate online by CLICKING HERE. The minimum donation amount is $25. You can also volunteer if you're in their area.

I love reading and as a aspiring teacher I want to help create a literate America. I currently volunteer with Read Today and help tutor a 5th grader on his reading twice a week. If you can't make a money donation, please try to volunteer to help others to read.

Thank you so much for reading and for supporting my Charity of the Month! 

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