Thursday, January 23, 2014

Broken Laptop Adventures

Hi friends! For any of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that my laptop is broken. I'm currently on my husband's laptop but we aren't very good at sharing one laptop which means I will not be posting as much. I will also be using computers on campus to write blog posts, but that means I can't use all the pictures I have on my laptop.

PS, speaking of losing things on my laptop, for anyone who knows me well, you know that I have always, always, always, wanted to be a best selling author. Or at least have a book published. Lately I've been writing a lot in my book and it's getting really good... and then my laptop dies and I can no longer access the document. I'm not happy. Luckily I have a dad who can get the files off for me so they aren't lost forever.

Anyways, I suppose a broken laptop could be good for me. It means I'll spend less time goofing off and more time doing homework... on campus... where I feel like I can't goof off with social media because there are people watching. So maybe this is a blessing in disguise and my grades will get better. It's a possibility.

Please follow me on Twitter where I am posting all about my broken laptop adventure. Because it's really hard for me to not have one.

As I said on Twitter yesterday here's a quote from Phoebe Buffay on Friends: "If you'd like to receive emails about my upcoming shows then please give me money so I can buy a computer." It's the same here too. If you want me to blog more, help me buy a computer (PS, I'm totally joking, I don't expect anyone to buy me a computer, I'll be buying a new one with my own money sometime in the future).

Anyways, I should go, my husband needs his laptop to do an assignment... but I also have an essay to write... see, this isn't going to work out very well. Don't worry, I'll be going on campus soon and staying there till I finish my essay (and other homework).

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  2. How's your laptop now Kaylee? Really a bummer when one of your gadgets is broken, right? On the bright side though, you've mentioned that you'll have more time with academics, might as well take the chance to go out with your husband more? If you ever need your laptop repaired again, you can trust experts to handle the task.

    Alison Henderson


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