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Book Review: Divergent

If you look at my Book Club page, you will see that I am not doing Book Club for the beginning of 2014. This is because of my hectic semester where I have to read like ten Shakespeare plays. So I have to focus on those rather than reading for fun (although, when I understand what's going on, I usually find Shakespeare fun). I do apologize for this! But if I do read anything in my little bit of spare time, I will write a review and link it up on my Book Club page, like this one.

My Backstory:

I've been wanting to read this book for over a year. I got a preview of it on my Kindle Fire and read the first few chapters. I loved it but the preview was over. So I rented it from the library, but life got in the way. It was when I was working multiple jobs for long hours a day, I was planning a wedding, I was living two hours from my fiance, life was hectic and crazy, so I sadly returned the book to the library, never reading it.

Flash forward to Christmastime when I'm casually walking with my husband through Sam's Club and I see Divergent on a shelf and say out loud "Oh! I need to read this book before the movie comes out!" But my husband hears, "Oh! Buy me this book for Christmas!" ...which he did and I'm truly grateful for that.

The Story (No Spoilers): 

Divergent is about a Dystopian society where everyone is divided into Factions. There's Abnegation, the people who are selfless; Dauntless, those who are fearless; Candor, those who are honest; Amity, those who are kind; Erudite, those who love to learn; and the Factionless, who don't fit in any of the five Factions.

At the age of 16, each member of the society takes an aptitude test to see which Faction they would best fit in, then at the Choosing Ceremony, they get to decide which Faction they want to devote their lives to, potentially leaving behind their family forever.

Beatrice is one of this 16 year old and goes in to take the aptitude test, only her results are inconclusive. The test says she could be Abnegation, Dauntless, or Erudite. She is what they call Divergent. The test doesn't work on her making her a threat to the way society works.

My Review:

I finished this book in two and a half days. I basically didn't put it down after opening it on Christmas. I am not a fast reader, so when I finish a book super fast, you know it has to be a good one. This story does have some slow parts that I struggled to get through and sometimes the author doesn't explain things all that well, but I absolutely LOVED this book!!

Honestly, I may like it better than The Hunger Games , and I'm a big fan of that! The story is very different and it is so compelling. Quick spoiler (but a lame spoiler) the romantic portions of this book are a million times better than The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter. Their relationship grows and builds and feels real, not incredibly forced and fake like in most teen novels.

I don't even know what else to say except that I loved this book and I am anxiously, not patiently, waiting to get the second book so I can read through that. I'm also excited for the movie, because while Tori seemed cheesy in the preview, it overall looks like it'll be a good movie. I'm currently forcing my husband to read this book and he is going to the movie premier with me.

As a side note, I will be making a Divergent craft for said movie premier and will do a tutorial on this blog. I don't want to tell you what it is yet though, but it'll be awesome!

Also, my sister and I took the test to see what Faction we would be. We took the test two different ways: the first way was the straightforward way where you pick one answer for each question, but the second way we wrote out all answers that applied to us for each question and then made a tally of how many of each letter answer we got. I feel the second way is more accurate in determining what you are and gives levels of what your second choice could be and so on. Anyways, I was in Abnegation. I'm not sure if that's what I would choose, but in both tests I was highest in Abnegation. I supposed it has something to do with my Charity of the Month.

Anyways, I highly recommend this book! I absolutely loved it and think that anyone who enjoys the current wave of dystopian books should read this one, because it's one of the best. 

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