Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Things I've Learned From 7 Months of Marriage

HAPPY SEVEN MONTH ANNIVERSARY TO ME!! I wanted to do a post like this for six months of marriage because that's half a year, but I was much too busy with school so you're getting an extra month of knowledge. ;) But actually that extra month really does make a difference because it was this last month that we decided to move and that changed a lot of things.

I love my husband more than anything in the world and I am so happy to be married to him for time and all eternity! I learn something new about myself and about marriage all the time. "Life's a dance you learn as you go" and everyday I'm learning something new. I'm happily married for seven months now, and here's what I've learned in those seven months.

I lose my will to clean when focusing on school. 
It's disappointing really. I struggle with balancing school and keeping my apartment clean. I think a big part of it is the fact that I work as a janitor. So everyday I clean for four hours to get money, but at home cleaning doesn't give me money so I lose that desire to work harder at it. I've been struggling with keeping things clean since school started, but new apartment equals new rules so we will be working harder to keep things clean.

My husband can gut a fish, turn it into fillets, shoot an animal, skin an elk, watch bloody zombie shows, but put him in front of rotting food and he'll throw up. 
Yeah... wasn't expecting that. I had cleaned up moldy food that day and was fine. I told him he had to clean up his salad mess, he opened the bowl and starts gagging for a good long while, throws it in the sink, dumps in dish soap and turns the water on, then went and threw up. But he cleaned up his salad, so I'm proud of him for that. Apparent he gets sick with smells, which means it's a good thing he doesn't work as a janitor like I do.

Money is hard.
It really truly is. We're moving to spend less on rent, we have to donate plasma to make extra cash, we can barely afford food. It's hard.

Sacrifices have to be made.
Like I said above, we have to move to save money. I will miss this beautiful apartment. Where we're moving isn't quite as beautiful, but it's a blessing that it's bigger and cheaper. Things will be difficult at first and it's a big sacrifice, but we are both grateful and have the feeling everything will turn out perfectly.

There are lots of different ways to make money.
We donate plasma, I use Inbox Dollars, I blog, we sold some clothes (and still have some to sell if anyone in Logan is interested), and we do everything we can to make and save money. We are very creative about it.

Holidays with the in-laws can be fun too.
I spent Thanksgiving with the in-laws this year. I had such a good time! The food was delicious, the company was so kind and friendly, and I got to see Catching Fire! It was such a wonderful holiday and I absolutely love my in-laws!

Love only grows stronger.
Honestly I never imagined that it could be like this. I mean, you hear all these stories about love growing stronger but when you actually experience it, it's absolutely incredible! I don't know how to fully describe it, but everyday I love Chris more and more. We have always clicked. We've been together for two years and know each other really well, but to see how our relationship consistently gets better and better is the most amazing thing in the world. I love being married to the love of my life and love that it only gets better everyday.

What about you? What have you learned in your marriage? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. I know what you mean about cleaning the apartment and school dealio. I struggle too ugh!

    I've learned to pick my battles in my marriage. and be more patient. I used to get mad about little things--sometimes, I don't even know why. But now, I can easily let go of stupid issues, and I can express myself better, too.

    How is that Inbox Dollars? Do you like it? I need to find some sources to make more money too.

    1. Yeah, there are always little battles in marriage, but I'm still learning about those.

      I like Inbox Dollars, it's not a huge profit, I've been trying to use it more lately and trying to get my husband to do it too (to double the money we make on there) but he hasn't yet. I'm considering writing a review post about it on here someday but I'll probably wait a while till I'm used to it.


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