Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pinterest Sunday: Christmas Edition

It has been much too long since I've done a Pinterest Sunday post! But I'm excited to do this one because it all has to do with Christmas!! Christmas is coming up so soon and I'm not even ready for it! But it'll be great! It's my first Christmas as a married lady and we're super poor, but I really am excited to just spend some time with family and my wonderful husband. So anyways, here is Pinterest Sunday, Christmas Edition!

This awesome sweater is from Buzz Feed's 13 Ugly Holiday Sweaters That are Almost Too Ugly to Wear. I will be talking a bit more about holiday sweaters after Christmas and hope to make a good one next year. 

I think that this is the cutest idea! And you just add hand prints with each new child or maybe evenwith a visitor. I think I'll be making this next year as a part of my new crafting segments I'm hoping to do.

I think this wreath is so adorable! This is another craft I'm hoping to pursue this next year. I'm so behind on my crafting, but with the move, lack of money, and school everything has been crazy lately. 

This is adorable. I don't know where I would ever be able to put it but it's super cute and very do-able.

This is the cutest idea ever and I absolutely love it!! I didn't mean for all these pictures to be crafts because it's a little late for that at this point, so I do apologize, but I'll find some non-crafting pins from my Pinterest for the rest of this post. 

It's so easy to get caught up in the presents and Santa and everything materialistic that we forget what Christmas is really about, the birth of our Savior Jesus Chris. I'm hoping to write a post tomorrow or soon about why I celebrate Christmas. 

This is a fantastic list of things to do around Christmastime. Some might be too late to do before Christmas as this point, but you can still find time for some of these. :)

This is a lovely free printable of one of my favorite Christmas songs. I love it so much but it'll have to wait till next year. 

Okay, who doesn't want a fun snowman refrigerator? I sure want it! This could also be a fun activity to do with your kids around Christmastime or even just as a winter activity.

Okay, this is another craft and too late to do at this point, but I absolutely love this and think it's a fantastic idea to help your family remember the real meaning of Christmas. 

This little snowman cake pop is so adorable and a great idea for your holiday and winter parties! It doesn't have a recipe or instructions along with it but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out, right?

The idea behind this is to buy a Dollar Store ornament every year and write your favorite memories as a family from that year. I think this is a perfect idea and really want to do this in the near future. 

I absolutely love this idea! And these little snowballs are so cute! 

If you're like me and struggle with making good snowflakes, this is a very simple and great guide to making good ones. I love making paper snowflakes and think it's one of the best craft you can do this time of year.

My family loves Santa and around Christmastime talk about Santa continually. Someday when I have kids and they no longer believe in Santa, I'm getting this pillow, because if they don't talk about Santa like my family does then they don't deserve anything good for Christmas. This is also true for my husband. He better talk about Santa like my family does. 

Love this sign! It's so cute! The link no longer works so I can't find the printable, but if you're talented and can do something like this, let me know and I'll possibly buy it from you. 

Every Christmas Eve my siblings and I read Dr. Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It's one of my favorite traditions in the world and even though it doesn't talk about how Christmas is about the birth of Christ, the above quote kind of hints at it and means a lot to me.

I absolutely love this time of year! It's just so magical and so important to me because of my family. I'm so happy to spend it this year with my new husband! 

I'd love to see all your crafts and Pinterest pins for this time of year!

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