Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

Last week I posted my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide... which was a joke. I hope people were aware that that was a joke. Although some of the products you have to admit were pretty awesome. :)

With Christmas coming up I think it's time I put up my personal Christmas Wish List, and if you would like to buy me anything from the list please send it to... just kidding. Please don't buy me anything. But leaving comments on blog posts would be a great Christmas gift! And if you do that for me you'll get your Christmas gift from me, a Spotify playlist of all my Song of the Week Saturday posts. Which is actually a pretty cool playlist, but I could be biased. Hey, if you want your favorite songs to be on there you have to share them with me first.

Anyways, this year I have two lists: things that I want and things that I need. These lists are obviously very different. Also, this list is for my family and friends but I still hope it's enjoyable to my regular readers. If not, leave a comment to let me know.

  • A sewing machine 
    • I really do, I don't know why... Pinterest probably
  • Clothes
    • Because what girl doesn't need more clothes? And I'm incredibly sick of my current wardrobe.
  • iTunes gift cards
    • Because music is incredibly important to me and I always want more!
  • Beta fish 
    • But my apartment technically doesn't allow it... But honestly, there are beta fish at my work in the offices and I just love to sit and watch them swimming around, it makes me happy. I need one!!! 
  •  A new laptop
    • Because this one is incredibly slow no matter what I do and it's just incredibly frustrating to use.
  • iPod
    • Because I love my iPod nano, but it's full and I can't add more music and I can't find any music from it to get rid of and it's just sad that I can't put my new Ariana Grande CD, Yours Truly on there. 
  • iPhone
    • Or just a smart phone in general. I know this is not going to happen, but I am so bored of my phone and just want to join the smart phone club. Also, I've been stalking my friend's Instagram pages and would like to join that club too. 
I understand I most likely won't get anything on this list. Except maybe clothes. And I'm totally fine with that. I honestly don't need these things and I will (eventually) be able to buy them myself. I'll be happy whether I get them or not because here is the list of what I actually need. 

  • A good snow coat
    • I have a lot of really cute pea-coats and I love them to death, but it gets really cold here and I need a good, warm, water/wind proof, sturdy coat for winter. With a hood. Because I have a fairly good snow coat right now with no hood... and it's short... I want something I could play in the snow in. And I found all my gloves and hats so I'm good there. But I want to be able to pick it out so I don't know if I want someone just buying it for me...
  • Snow boots
    • I also have a good pair of boots but for some reason the designer was like "Let's make the best snow boots with great traction and warmth... but we'll add a three inch heel to it". And I love heels, but for running around in the snow sometimes I'd rather do without the heel. I'd also want to pick this out myself so...
  • Money for the above two items... or school or rent or food
    • Actually things are looking up for us money-wise, but some extra money in our account is always worth it, because we just eat soup or pizza from Chris's work every night and I get bored of it. 
This post ended up much longer than I expected and I admit it's not the most exciting. But regardless, what's done is done. 

What's on your Christmas Wish List? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. First of, it's my first time on your blog. I found you through Grab a Friend :)

    A few things on my wish list: jewelry case(for my brooches), new pair of cute eye glasses, clothes, and a really girly phone case. I secretly always wanted a beta fish, and a new laptop like you, but I know I'm probably not getting one any time soon hahaha!

    This Christmas wish list is a brilliant idea. I am stealing the idea for tomorrow's post. I hope you don't mind, do you?

    Now following you on bloglovin♥


    1. I love glasses! I think they are so cute! But unfortunately my eyesight is perfect. Aren't beta fish just the coolest? Any other fish too. I'm obsessed with aquariums. ha ha. I'll be checking out your blog right now! Thanks for reading!

  2. I love beta fish! I think they are so pretty, but I can never keep fish alive, so I'm being the bigger person and letting the idea go.. haha. Great post!


    1. Yeah my concern is keeping it alive, because I'd probably get really sad when it died. But I'm told beta fish live longer than other fish and that's why I'm going towards them.


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