Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your friends and family for Christmas? Well look no further! This guide has all the best gifts for the odd ones on your Christmas list. So sit back, look through the list and check it twice because you're sure to find something nice. ;)

The "Kneel Before Loki Family Sticker" for the family who enjoyed that attack on New York or the mother who secretly is in love with villains. 

Baby Leg Salt and Pepper Shakers, for all your friends who wish their own child's legs produced salt and pepper.

Happy Feet, for the people in your life with dirty, smelly shoes. 

The Tru-Smart Harness and Auto Zip Line, for the dog lovers who want their dogs to have double the fun on road trips to the vet.

The Bang-Bang Handle, for the hunters, gang members, and jailbirds in your life. 

The Emergency Underpants Dispenser, for the kindergarten teachers in your life (ha ha, I'm going to become one someday) or those who tend to have accidents.

The Barbie Head USB, for the little girls that you'd like to shatter their hopes and dreams. 

The Accoutrements Yodelling Pickle, for anyone and everyone (because who doesn't want a yodeling pickle?).

Obama Toilet Paper, for those who want to get their business done with the President at their side.

Racing Grannies, for the child who enjoys pitting old people against each other. 

Canned Unicorn Meat, for the Chuck Norris's in your life or those who need a little extra magic. (There's also Dragon Meat for the daring ones.)

The Sexy Smart Panties for Iphone 4, for those who hate seeing their phone go naked.

And finally, my personal favorite:

Poo-Pourri, for everyone else on your list. 

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  1. OMG these are awesome!!! I actually know people who would enjoy some of these! heehee


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