Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pinterest Sunday: Sixties, Cozy, Skirt, Hair, Teacher, Story-Telling, Taylor, Sushi, Office, Moving, Tree, Nails, Bowl, and Demi Lovato

Happy Pinterest Sunday!! If you are new to my blog this is the post where I just share my most recent Pinterest Pins. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest by CLICKING HERE

This is so funny!! I love the Adele thing and I love that it references Avatar, because that like my favorite show ever!!! :) 

Can I please have a living room like this? It's just so cozy! And I really want hearts in my window! I think that's the cutest thing ever! 

This is such a cute outfit!! I absolutely love it! 

What if I dyed my hair this color? I'm really considering it. If only I had money to get my hair done...

This blog is all about what to wear when you can't shop for new clothes. It's also nice because she's a teacher like I want to be someday. I don't love the layout of the blog and find it difficult to go through, but I love the outfits. 

This idea is amazing! My husband says we aren't allowed to give our children toys because he wants them to play sports and have big imaginations. I only slightly agree with that. Our girls are getting my old American Girl dolls no matter what he says. But I do want our kids to have big imaginations. My husband and I both love writing stories and that's something we would love for our children as well, so this story telling basket is an incredible idea to build a love of story-telling in our kids. (But we are not pregnant yet.)

I don't really have words for this... yeah...

Cutest. Picture. Ever. But seriously, I hate sushi but I love this little girl dressed as sushi. :)

Every night my husband and I watch The Office on TV and it's just such a good show! Especially the first few seasons, when this happened. Jim and Dwight's relationship is honestly the best. They are so funny!

So I announced this week that my husband and I were moving, and then I said we no longer have somewhere to move into, so we may be homeless in a few weeks. But if we do move, these tips are fantastic for moving and will help us stay organized through the whole ordeal. (Please wish us luck in finding a place to live, I'm constantly stressing about this!!)

This is GORGEOUS!!! It's a shame there is no way I can do this, but I'm just sharing the inspiration with my readers for now and maybe someday I can have a beautiful Christmas like this. 

These colors are so pretty and I just love the look of this! 

I honestly want this! I think this is genius! 

One of my most favorite people in the world, Demi Lovato, recently came out with a book called Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year. I WANT THAT BOOK!!! It's always hard for me to fully explain why I admire her so much but I know that I need this book. I love Demi Lovato!! 

Thank you so much for reading my blog! Have a wonderful Sunday! 

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  1. I think that your hair would look really good that color.


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