Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pinterest Sunday: Perfect, Dance, Music, Blessings, Puns, Turkey, Christmas, Friends, Pumpkin, Peaches, Coasters, Birds, Church, Red, and Taylor Swift

Goodness, it has been far too long since I've done one of these posts! So I may or may not have a lot of pictures today, we'll see. :) You can find all my new and old "pins" by CLICKING HERE and feel free to follow me on Pinterest! I'd love to see your "pins" as well!

Cutest quote and picture ever. There are no words. 

I miss dance so ridiculously much! I went to Ballroom Fest this weekend and got to watch dance and compete (I got 4th) and I realized just how much I miss it! I'm going to talk to my old coaches and see if I can teach at their studio, because I really really want to! 

When I first saw these pictures I thought "That would be really cool, I love Carrie Underwood" but I didn't think it was actually happening!! I'm getting excited for this, Carrie Underwood (AKA, one of my favorite female singers) in The Sound of Music (AKA, one of my favorite musicals)! Her voice is so incredible so I'm not worried about that, it's just a really difficult task to try to replace Julie Andrews, because Julie Andrews is a queen. In the Princess Diaries she played the perfect role, because she is honestly a queen. If I could only meet one celebrity, I'd probably pick Julie Andrews. She's so incredible! 

This is called a "Blessings Bag". You're supposed to carry some around in your car and hand them out to homeless people. I wish there was a link with a list of what to include, but you can see some things in the picture anyways. Where this is the Month of Gratitude, I feel like it's time for us to give back to the world. I personally am so blessed everyday and there are people out there who can't afford the things that I can. I think this "Blessings Bag" is a wonderful idea to help others to feel a little better and maybe make a change in their own lives. I hope all my readers work this month to help others. 

Halloween is over but I couldn't resist all the puns! It's cute and funny and I love it! 

Use Nerf Guns to try and get the most points? Yes please!! When I'm a parent I want to have fun games like this for my kids while we're preparing dinner for Thanksgiving. Right now though, I think this would be super fun with my husband. Ha ha, we're like children sometimes. :)

While I typically avoid all things Christmas until December, I just can't help it this year! My coworker has been listening to Christmas music since September and I'm getting super excited for our first Christmas as a married couple (not with my coworker, that sentence makes it sound like I'm married to my coworker, but I'm not, I meant my husband and I). I'm just so excited! I need a good Christmas playlist and all these songs are fabulous, so I'll be getting them together soon. :)

This is quite possibly my favorite episode of Friends ever! Everything about it is fantastic, but especially Jason Alexander. He added such a great character in this episode. 

This is the exact recipe I used to make cookies for work on Halloween. It turned out wonderfully! You can read the full recipe by CLICKING HERE and I definitely would because everyone loved them! 

Doesn't this look absolutely divine??? These are vanilla bean crepes with peaches and cream. My mouth honestly started watering as I wrote that sentence. Mmmm... You can find the recipe by CLICKING HERE. I haven't tried it, but I certainly want to! 

I think Scrabble Tile coasters are a fantastic idea and I want to do it, however it irritates me that the words don't also work going down. That's not how Scrabble works! I'd have to figure out how to make the words work both ways. Oooh! And maybe diagonally too!! I'm just creating impossible tasks for myself...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! The best part is that they totally do look like an album cover! I hate birds, they scare me, but this picture is fantastic! 

This quote by Jeffrey R. Holland is incredibly true. Many people feel unworthy to go to church because they made a mistake or they aren't perfect. This is not true! You must go because it's the best way to become healed again. Nobody is perfect which is why everyone should go to church. 

I love this outfit so very much! My red pants are one of my most favorite articles of clothing and there are so many ways to incorporate them. 

Taylor Swift seems to get criticized a lot for the things that she says and sings, but I've always loved her and I love this quote. It's so true! My husband and I just love. When you fall into love, it usually doesn't last and you get hurt. Thank you Taylor Swift. :)

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