Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Birthday Weekend!

So apparently I'm completely spoiled because I got a whole weekend to celebrate my birthday, and IT WAS AMAZING!!! This was such a good weekend and the best birthday ever, and, dad, I know you think I say that every year but honestly, this year was the best.

On Friday I opened the mailbox to find a $5 off coupon from DSW for my birthday and a beautiful birthday card from Chris's grandma! I love being a part of my new family! That night after work we drove down to Kaysville to my in-laws. We were returning the car I had borrowed so we are now left with just one car... because all my cars get taken away for siblings. We didn't get there till very late so we just ate some Wendy's and went to bed.

We woke up Saturday morning and went to Ihop with my in-laws. It was super delicious! I got the strawberry stuffed French-toast, and honestly it's the best breakfast ever! While there they gave me a cute birthday card with fish on it, because I married a fisherman, and a gift card to Kohls! ...which I've already used to buy two new shirts that are very cute. :)

Around two we drove down to Sandy to my parent's house and I watched my brother play Sonic and then I talked with all my family. Then we all went to see Ender's Game which I absolutely loved! I thought it was such a good movie! And now I want to read the book (Book Club option?). After the movie we went to Olive Garden and it was so delicious! Chris and I played our little game where we determine who ordered best, he did. He had the seafood alfredo (I think) and I got the chicken scampi. Both were very good but Chris's was better.

After eating we went back home and I got to open presents! And since my family is known for our crazy picture taking while opening gifts, you can see everything:

My brother and I like to dramatically throw the tissue paper in the air. :)

My sister gave me gloves, a head wrap (that I'm wear in most of the pictures), sparkly hair bands and an eyelash curler! :) My parents gave me a Walmart gift card, gray cardigan, mint/navy scarf, and super cute gray boots. And my grandma who was there gave me $10! :)

Honestly, my family is the greatest!

After presents we played Family Feud which was so funny because my mom is incredibly competitive. We first played Boys vs. Girls then Youngins vs. Adults. Although the "Youngins" were Chris, my sister, and me and we're all adults.

So the scarf my mom gave me has skulls on it and my mom is very much against skulls, especially when my brother wore it like this:

But I love him anyways:

Sunday we went to Stake Conference in the morning and then had delicious chicken curry that I am so in love with and I got to choose for dinner for my birthday. Later that night we had some cheesecake which was super delicious! We added raspberry sauce and it made it so much better!

Then Chris and I played games with my little brother all night and watched the losing RSL game before driving back to Logan late at night, and taking my grandma with us to drop off at my aunt's house, who wasn't used to staying up that late.

After getting home at midnight I acted out this scene:

:) Because my actual birthday wasn't till Monday. My birthday started fairly normal. I woke up early and got ready for class. Had class at 8:30, volunteered at 10:00, went to class again at 1:00, went back home and did nothing, then Chris took me out for lunch at Paradise Bakery, because it's my favorite. Then we went to Kohls so I could use my gift card. Then I went to work but I got to leave early so Chris could take me out for dinner.

We went to Chili's because it's one of the best and our favorite restaurant in Logan. Our waitress was fantastic! She was incredibly nice and they sang to me and she gave us extra salsa to take home. She was great! We weren't able to eat much but took it home for lunch today. For desert we got their skillet cookie, and I'm sorry Loganites who think Firehouse Pizza's skillet cookies (FH'zzookie) are the best, but honestly Chili's is better.

After dinner we went back home and I got to open my presents from my husband while wearing my birthday crown.

I GOT ARIANA GRANDE'S ALBUM!!! I've been wanting it since forever and Chris got it for me! He also got me Warm Bodies which I absolutely love!!! He always writes the cutest things in my cards and I just love him so much! After presents we watched Warm Bodies and I fell asleep on the Love Sac.

I know this post is long and probably really boring for you to read, but it's sort of like a journal entry for me to come back to and look at someday. It was such a good birthday and even though Chris and I are incredibly poor, he spoils me rotten not with gifts but with love, I know that's totally cheesy but it's so true.

This was such a great birthday! Thank you again to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! You are all amazing and I love you all! Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Seems like you had an amazing bday weekend! Happy belated!


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