Monday, November 18, 2013

Big News!! // Major Thank Yous!!

I've gone over 30,000 page views and I am so so so so so so grateful to all my readers!! You guys are some of my most favorite people in the world and you all mean so much to me! Thank you for all you do for me! I LOVE YOU ALL!!  

Alright, so back to business. Last week I posted this picture:

And I knew that putting up something like this would make people think I was pregnant. Which I am not. Other people guessed we got a new job, we were graduating earlier (I wish!) but no one guessed the real news... WE'RE MOVING. It's not a big move, we're staying in Logan to finish school and complete the Cache Valley Checklist. We just needed someplace cheaper.

Last week I completely hinted to my readers that I was moving in my Confessions of a Penny-Pincher post on Tip #11. Nobody caught that hint though. The fact is that while we are making enough money to pay for our apartment and utilities and such, we have nothing left afterwards. We can barely buy food sometimes. So we're moving to save money.

It was the dream apartment. I had wanted to live here so badly and I love it so much! But we woke up from that dream and faced reality, and reality just stinks sometimes. I'm also really disappointed in myself because I kept meaning to do an apartment tour post, but it never happened. I have mixed feelings about moving because I just love this apartment so much, but where we're going we'll be closer to campus and work and it will cost less. It's just a better situation for us.

So be prepared to posts about moving tips and tricks; I didn't find any good ones on Pinterest yet so I'll be working on that. ;) Because it's near the end of the semester and we have tons of final assignments to do as well as prepare for a move, I probably will not be posting very much. Sorry! Also, I will not be decorating for Thanksgiving because of the move and I won't be decorating for Christmas until later in December, so my holiday decorating under $10 won't be written for Thanksgiving and will be late for Christmas. Sorry!

This will be a big change for Chris and I. We were kind of spoiled in this apartment and now we're moving somewhere not as great, but we're only staying till we're graduated, and then we're planning on leaving Logan. So it's just a temporary home for us. We're still excited to make the change though, it will allow us to reorganize and redecorate things. It'll be a really good thing for us.

Thank you all again for the 30,000 page views!! Thank you for your comments about the big news, it was fun to hear what you had to say. THANKS FOR READING!! 

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  1. How fun! It should be good to move and start over fresh!


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