Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pinterest Sunday

I have been on Pinterest so much this week it's ridiculous! To see all my pins, feel free to CLICK HERE. Below are just some of my favorites from the week. Thanks for reading!

I would like to have a better job. That would be really nice for me. This article had some really good tips and it's a great reference for me for the future. To see the article CLICK HERE

I don't have the best GPA right now and yes, being married brings a bit more financial aid, but we could always used more money for college. This is a great resource because you don't have to have a fantastic GPA to apply to these scholarships. 

I am NOT excited for winter to come, but I cannot get over how beautiful this picture is! 

I really miss ballet. I'm hardly even flexible anymore. I just love this picture and like to look at it and wish I could be doing that again... 

These are so simple and quick to do and can be incredibly effective! I'm sick of being at this weight, this is the biggest I've ever been in my life, so I'm working on changing that. These simple exercises are great for inner thighs, which are always a trouble spot for me. :)

I'm sick of going through a lot of cleaning on Saturdays and then letting everything pile up through the week. So I'm thinking of making a checklist/routine like this. This is a great example and something that I think would be great for my little apartment. 

There is still nothing above our bed and I really want something. I LOVE THIS! This would also be super easy for me to make myself. So this is definitely something I'm considering. 

Why can't I get my hair to curl like this??? I've been trying for so long but it just won't happen. The tutorial for these curls can be found by CLICKING HERE. Also, I really want a new color for my hair. I like this but I don't know if I want the ombre look. I just can't decide. 

I love this little girl's pose! So cute! Her outfit is also super adorable! I wish I worked at the daycare still. I miss being able to play with little kids all the time. 

I love this quote. :)

I don't know why I want these shoes so badly! If anyone knows where I can find these, please let me know! They are just so cute and so versatile! 

I watch Tangled a lot. It just makes me so happy and it's my favorite! I just thought this picture was funny. And I miss Disneyland. 

I need a new coat. One that is warm and waterproof. I have warm coats, I have waterproof coats, but none that are both. This is super cute and I would love something like this! 

I can't even begin to describe how much I need this outfit. It's so me. 

I also need this outfit. Especially the bag. It's super cute! 

I love my husband more than anything in the world! We are so poor right now and we're really struggling to get by, but just being together makes everything better. 

I miss my mom! I love her so much! I wish that I could see her more and I wish I remembered to call her more. But she's such a good friend and mom. She's the greatest mom in the world and I love her more than anything! 

While this month has so far been fairly boring, I just love October! It's so amazing and beautiful and I just love that this October marks two years of knowing my husband. October marks two long and wonderful years since our first date and our first kiss. I love him so much! I loved him back then, and I only love him more now. I love October and what it means for my relationship. 


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