Friday, October 25, 2013

October Favorites

For any new readers, at the end of every month I make a list of my favorite things from the month. I got the idea off of Youtube. To see all my other Monthly Favorites, CLICK HERE


These guys are absolutely fantastic! And they're from Utah like me! You cannot deny that these guys are incredibly talented and deserve all our support! This is probably my favorite video from them, but you should definitely check our their Youtube page and all their other amazing videos.


I love this website so much because I'm always jealous of what celebrities are wearing on TV. However, this website also makes me sad because I realize there is no way I can afford clothes like this. I recently pinned this on Pinterest...

..and it's so true. I swear I have good taste, but I just wear jeans and T-shirts all the time because I can't afford much more than that, especially now. That's why I stopped doing my Outfit of the Week posts, but don't worry, they'll come back someday because I liked doing it.

FAVORITE SNACK: Lofthouse Cookies

I'm addicted. Honestly. I've had four of these packages this month. They are festive and fun and I've always been in love with these cookies. So since my birthday is next month feel free to send packages of these cookies my way (wink, wink). Just kidding, but honestly, I love them. And just looking at this picture makes me crave them again... I have a horrible, horrible addiction...


This show is AMAZING!!! It's so funny! I've seen episodes before but learned this month that I can watch all the episodes on my Kindle Fire through Amazon Prime (to learn more, click on the Amazon links on the right sidebar, I promise you it's worth it!). If you haven't seen it, "Duck Dynasty" is a show on A&E about a total redneck, duck huntin', camo wearing family that made it rich by creating duck calls. I love this show, it's so funny but it's also great because they are a very humble and religious family that truly cares about each other. I hate watching shows like "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" because they are so annoying and rich and just seem so unhappy all the time. "Duck Dynasty", they love each other and they don't take advantage of being rich. They are just a wonderful family to watch and I love the realism of it. Their family is real, the Kardashians are so fake.

Anyways, super long rant, but if you haven't seen it, definitely check out "Duck Dynasty" it's such a fun show and honestly it keeps you laughing the whole time. There are so many jokes and memes from the show, so here are some of my favorites:

FAVORITE MOVIE: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

This is my Halloween movie. I first watched it last year while making Halloween decorations and fell in love and ended up watching it a million times and buying the album. I love this movie so much for so many different reasons and I just want the whole world to see it and love it too. I can't really explain why I love it without spoiling everything. So if you've seen it we can discuss why I love it so much, but if you haven't seen it you'll just have to. It's only like 40 minutes and you can actually watch it on Youtube by CLICKING HERE and please click it! You can also watch it on Netflix which would be better quality, so take your pick (Unless you're under 16, and then I would ask your parent's permission first, because it is NR). :) Also, who doesn't love Neil Patrick Harris???

FAVORITE SONG: The Way by Ariana Grande

This song has been stuck in my head all month and I sing it at work and annoy my coworker all the time. It's fantastic. I love Ariana Grande! The main thing I want for my birthday is her album, Yours Truly, and my husband knows this so he better get that done. Ha ha.

FAVORITE WEB VIDEO: Andy & Amy's Haunted House

I posted this for Web Video Wednesday last week and got a big response. It's just so funny and I'm sticking with the Halloween theme for this post. Ellen clips are like my favorite thing ever and this one is just too perfect, although I would be acting exactly the same, if not worse than they do in this video. I hate haunted houses.


This month I started linking up with Five on Friday with The Good Life. It's a great blog and I love looking at all of the Five on Friday posts and I just love participating in it!

FAVORITE/MOST POPULAR POST: Halloween Decorating Under Ten "Bones" 

I love that people liked this post! I did it because I'm incredibly poor but it makes me so happy to see other's liking it. I really am proud of all that I was able to accomplish with such a little amount of money, and people love it! The witch in the window looks so good at night!

This month I've also been getting a fantastic response lately from my Study Tips post, maybe because it was recently midterms. Anyways, I liked writing that post as well and am so glad that other's like it too.

FAVORITE EVENT: Little Bear Bottoms

I loved going to Little Bear Bottoms with my husband!! You can read about our adventure by CLICKING HERE. It was just so much fun and I love spending time with my husband!

These are all my favorite things of the month! 
Leave a comment and let me know about your favorites from the month! 

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