Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Write

For one of my English classes this semester I was required to write an essay on "How I Write". I was asked to write about where I write, noises around me, how I think, pencil or keyboard, etc. From there, we were supposed to write a poem, based on our essay. Quite honestly, I wrote the poem in about ten minutes, rushing to make the deadline, but I was quite pleased with my poem and am happy to share it here. So without any further ado, here is my poem entitled, "I Write..."

I Write
By Kaylee Farnes

I write in the quietest hours of day,
Listening to silence as my muse.
I write from a dark and lonely place,
The things that bring rays of light.

I write for the longing to make a new friend,
Someone to read the words of my heart.
I write to escape the shadows of my past,
To move forward into a new hope.

I write because speaking is never enough
To express the chaos in my mind.
I write to say the things that cannot be said
From someone as shy and quiet as me.

I write to find pleasure.
I write to release pain.
I write to share with the world.

I write for the teachers who ask me to,
But mostly I write for myself. 

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