Saturday, October 12, 2013

Getting Lost at Little Bear Bottoms!

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To say I was looking forward to Little Bear Bottoms is an understatement. I was beyond excited! To me it seemed like the perfect fall activity and I was so happy to add it to my checklist. I'm also very happy to check it off my checklist (I still have a lot of work to do on that...) but I'd be more than willing to go back to Little Bear Bottoms. 

For anyone interested, Little Bear Bottoms in Cache Valley is located in Wellsville, right next to the Bear River. They are located at 5000 U.S. 89, Wellsville, UT 84339 and you can reach them at 435-770-3462.

I had a horrible night last night. There was crying, there was drama, and there were cookies and Tangled to get me happy again. (I'm going through emotional issues I don't really want to discuss on my blog just yet.) So today my husband was keeping with the "Make-Kaylee-Happy" theme. He took me to Paradise Bakery to have my absolute favorite soup (their cheddar broccoli soup is to die for) and then to Little Bear Bottoms, because he knew how much I wanted to go. 

Little Bear Bottoms has two corn mazes (a small one and a larger one), a large hay pyramid/maze, a "spooky" barn ride, and the Haunted River Trail. The river trail doesn't open until dark so we weren't able to do that (Chris had work and I hate haunted things) but we were able to do everything else! 

We first went through the small maze and kept finding the entrance, instead of the exit. But we had fun!

Yes, I wore "Ugg"ly boots, but keep in mind I was having a hard time and they are just so dang comfortable!

After the small maze we went to the hay pyramid. Going inside was difficult. It's definitely made for children, so we didn't really fit inside so we just climbed on top. Which in my opinion was better anyways because it was way to claustrophobic and dark in there. It was kind of creepy inside, so we were happy to stay on top. 

See? We didn't really fit inside.

(We were in matching Utah State shirts for game day. Go Aggies!!) There were also places to jump off the hay onto foam pads or mattresses. It freaked me out to jump (which was kind of embarrassing because we were surrounded by little kids just jumping away) but I did it! Chris had no fear though. 

I'm a wimp, I know.

After the hay, we went into the large corn maze, where we got very lost and were in there for quite a while. But we had lots of fun anyways. It was a beautiful day! It was the perfect temperature and it was so fun just walking around, holding hands with my husband (kissing him in the secluded corn maze was fun too). 

These are the faces we make when we're lost.

Everything surrounding Little Bear Bottoms is beautiful! The trees were so large and fantastic and the mountains were looking so beautiful with the changing leaves. It was so wonderful!

After the maze, Chris bought me a Ring Pop!! Yeah! A Ring Pop!! I was so excited and it was so delicious! I've missed Ring Pops. Also, Chris found a dog and became friends with it. He played fetch with a stick and was such a friendly dog. 

Then we went to the Spooky Barn Ride!! What happens is you get in the back of a trailer getting pulled by a tractor, sitting on bales of hay and you go through the corn and look at the scarecrows and hear the story of how the scarecrows have taken over the barn! The man giving us the tour was absolutely fantastic! The scarecrows would pop out and scare you but it was also funny and just a fun ride. It's more catered towards kids, but Chris and I still enjoyed it. It was a fun ride! 

Chris and I had so much fun at Little Bear Bottoms and highly suggest that you check it out for yourselves! We would love to go back and think that it's a great place for both kids and adults, and the cost isn't bad either. You can find prices, times and a $1 coupon HERE. If you end up going to Little Bear Bottoms, I would love to hear about it! Please leave a comment below about your experience there! 

Thanks for reading!! 

Also, if anyone has suggestion for a new camera for me, I would love to hear them! I'm so sick of my constantly blurry camera that only takes good pictures in the middle of the day. Leave a comment below if you have a favorite camera that I should buy! Thanks! 

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  1. Fun!! I'll have to check out this place next year.


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