Monday, October 21, 2013

Restore a Realistic Image of Women to Pinterest

Dear Pinterest and Women "Pinners" Everywhere,

It has recently come to my attention that Pinterest is very one-sided and very harmful to a woman's body image. Yes you have hundreds, if not thousands, of fattening recipes cataloged on your site, but most women are too busy scrolling through the images on your site to cook dinner, let alone desserts.

Your site is full of images like this:

And while I love the clothing and get many ideas for my own wardrobe from them, these images break my heart. I see these images and long for a skinny body like the women in these pictures. Not to mention the thousands of fitness and diet "Pins" scattered throughout the site as well. 

I've never been one with a positive body image. I've always wanted to change my body, wanted to lose weight, wanted skinnier arms and legs, wanted defined abs, wanted bigger boobs, and occasionally wished I was taller. And I stare at the images on your site, aching inside, wishing I could like like these unrealistic women. 

These women are not the average woman.

Not all women are super skinny, in fact, very few actually are. Your site surrounds women with a negative body image with these pictures, making them feel inferior, myself being one of them. Why can't we see more images like this:

Because these women are as beautiful, if not MORE beautiful than the skinny women. We need to be surrounded by women of all shapes and sizes, because all women are beautiful and we all need to feel beautiful by seeing women like us on your site. We need to see that women of larger sizes are being accepted in society, otherwise how can we ever accept ourselves?

It breaks my heart to be surrounded by images of skinny women, it makes it difficult for me to accept myself for the weight I am. I love this site, I love "Pinning" things in my spare time and sharing my "Pins" with my friends. I only wish that your site was filled with a more normal view of women. Because what is on there isn't realistic. What your site surrounds us with isn't the truth, and it's hurting the body image of women. 

I am aware that you aren't solely to blame. So... WOMEN ON PINTEREST: Please help me help Pinterest by "Pinning" images of realistic women. We need to learn to accept ourselves by viewing the images that we relate to. I promise you that you are all beautiful, every woman is beautiful. And together, we can help increase a positive body image in women everywhere. 

Thank you for reading and please help restore a realistic image of women on Pinterest. 


A body conscious woman


  1. I totally agree with you..when searching for outfits most pictures are not what the average women looks like...also get rid of the skinny jeans...not everyone looks good in them...including me...


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