Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Season

So in the past ten days I've had five friends give birth to their new babies! But today, in the midst of all the excitement of baby season, I had a friend post on Facebook that his wife miscarried their baby. It was their second miscarriage and they don't have any children. It was so sad to hear and I'm praying for them to be able to cope with their loss. My mom had five miscarriages and while she already had some children, each one was equally as difficult. Losing a child in any sense is extremely difficult.

It reminded me of THIS ARTICLE that urges people to not ask, "So when are you going to have kids?" Luckily, no one has asked Chris and me when we're having kids (except my brother-in-law says he wants to be an uncle by the time he gets back from his mission). I'm glad no one has asked, because it's honestly not anyone's business. I understand parents asking, but otherwise it's not your business to ask couples when they'll have kids.

I'm so happy for all my friends who have had their babies this week! I love seeing the pictures on Facebook of your adorable newborns. But just remember...

I'm praying for my friends who are struggling with having a baby and I wish all my readers luck in having a child. I was there for my mother's miscarriages, I may not know what it feels like, but I understand the emotions. Thanks for reading!

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