Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn in Logan Canyon

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Alright, so this post is basically just a bunch of pictures. That's it. But before we begin, you should know that autumn is my favorite season! I'm so in love with autumn because it's the most beautiful time of year. Sunday, my husband (still trying to keep me happy from my recent emotional breakdown) drove me through the canyon to look at all the pretty leaves changing colors and to pick leaves to press. 

When I was younger my parents once took us into the mountains and we picked our favorite leaves off the ground and we pressed them into a large book. (This is what you can use the textbooks you can't sell for!!) It was so much fun and we still have those leaves in that book. So I wanted to press leaves with my husband. So on our drive we stopped to pick leaves. 

I can't say "Let's drive through the canyon" without my husband thinking "FISHING". Yep. So he took his fishing pole and we stopped at First Dam, Second Dam, and Third Dam. He fished and I took almost 200 pictures. Ha ha. Chris did catch a fish at Third Dam. It was a little guy and we let him go (you'll see a picture of him below). 

I don't think I have much else to say. Just enjoy the beautiful pictures (semi beautiful, I need a new camera). If you have your own adventure looking at autumn leaves, I'd love to see them! Leave a comment or send me an email! Thanks for reading/looking!! 

There's almost 50 pictures so if you want to see them all at one point you'll have to click the link to read the whole story. Thanks! 

(I think this one is my favorite)

(I love how happy he is from catching a fish! He's so wonderful!)

(This ripple was from a fish)

(The "Behind Glass" setting on my camera is pretty good, huh?)


  1. absolutely BEAUTIFUL, breathtaking pictures at that! love each one. you did a lovely job capturing the beauty of fall!!! xx

    1. Thank you so much! I just love fall so much! :)


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