Thursday, October 31, 2013

My husband and I wish you a very Happy Halloween!! 
Hope you get lots of candy! ;)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Web Video Wednesday: Halloween House Lights

I love this video and have since forever! Tomorrow is Halloween and I'm so happy! It's just a fun and happy holiday, I just love it! I hope you all are excited too!


Month of Gratitude: Introduction Post

Last year I started Month of Gratitude on this blog where every day of November I would write about what I am most grateful for. This year I am going to do it again but by Tweeting out what I'm most grateful for that day and then later blogging about those Tweets. I think that this will be much easier on my part and more effective.

Please join me in Tweeting out what you are most grateful for this November! I'd love to see your tweets so be sure to include #monthofgratitude so I can see them all! I'm excited for Thanksgiving and to be surrounded by family and reflect on all the blessings of my life. I honestly have the most blessed and wonderful life.

I also want to talk about Charity of the Month for November. I honestly don't have the money to make any donations this month, sad but true. So this month I'm going to try and complete service in other ways through helping others and I encourage you to all do the same! I love giving service and I'm so grateful for this blog and that I can use it to encourage others to help change the world. Remember to Tweet about your service with #dancingcowcharity.

Be sure to join me for Month of Gratitude and to follow me on Twitter to see what I am most grateful for! 
Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October Review

While October is probably my favorite month, nothing substantially exciting happened this month. In fact, it was kind of just stressful and boring. However it was so beautiful outside! I loved it. :)

The first weekend was General Conference. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I feel that I learned so much! My sister drove up here from Provo. We went to Rumbi's and ate their delicious soup. We were going to go to a corn maze but got distracted and tired. We spent most the night looking at Twitter's trending topic, #addawordruinamovie. Some of them were so funny! Then we watched The Wedding Singer when my husband got home from work. We all had a sleepover in the living room and watched The Iron Giant as we fell asleep. I love my sister! She's my best friend! It was a great weekend having my sister there and watching conference together and I enjoyed Tweeting through the whole Sunday session. I loved it so much!

I went through an emotional crisis on the 11th. I was sort of angry at my husband and sitting in my room alone, wishing I had someone to talk to and realizing that I don't have anyone to talk to... except my husband. I have no friends. At that point I began bawling hysterically. I ran to my husband and he held me tightly, trying to comfort me as I moaned, "Why don't I have any friends? Why doesn't anyone like me? What's wrong with me?" He couldn't successfully comfort me because I was so emotionally distraught. He then sat me on a mattress in the living room, turned on Tangled, and gave me my cookies. It was the hardest my husband had ever seen me cry and I hadn't felt so emotionally torn apart in so long.

To say I'm better now would be a lie. It's really hard to feel like you don't have any friends, and even worse when no one talks to you; that pretty much solidifies it. We have a framed quote in our little apartment that my best friend gave me years ago (we're still best friends even though we live two hours apart and hardly ever talk, but I still love her with all my heart). The quote says "Good friends listen --Best friends hear." If this quote is true, than I'm in trouble, because hardly anyone listens to me. Certainly no one tries to talk to me. I consider this to be an opportunity to find new friends, ones who will care about me, but since I'm switching my major I've realized recently how much older I am than all my classmates (they were in 1st grade when September 11th happened, I was in 5th). I've always had a hard time making friends and now that I'm married and older than my peers, it's only gotten harder.

So if any of my readers are in the Cache Valley area or even just in Utah, I need a friend. I swear I'm not crazy. I cried because I felt so alone, but I normally don't cry that much. I like dance and music and writing. I like to give service and LOVE buying gifts for people. I think that I'm a good friend (which is why it's so hard that I don't have any). If any of you have tips to getting more friends, please leave a comment. I'm struggling and I need help.

I decorated our apartment for Halloween and it looks fantastic!! It was also super cheap and you can read all about it my CLICKING HERE. Hopefully next year my decorations can be more exciting because (hopefully) we'll have more money then, but with our current situation, these decorations were all we could do, and they were still fantastic. And we are the only apartment in our complex that is elaborately decorated, so I'm proud of myself. :)

On the 12th Chris and I went to Little Bear Bottoms. You can read all about our adventure by CLICKING HERE. I love my husband because even though we're low on money, we find cheaper ways to have fun, and honestly, just being around him makes my life more fun. I love him!

October 13th Chris and I drove through Logan Canyon and I took pictures of all the changing leaves while Chris fished (you can read about it by CLICKING HERE). It was fun spending time with my husband in such a beautiful setting. Afterwords, we went to my Aunt Cherene's house and they fed us dinner. I love having family nearby! It was good to talk to my grandma (who recently moved to Utah and moves between my parent's and my aunt & uncle's house) and to see all my cousins that I'm really close with. I also got to see my cousin Nate and his very pregnant wife Kara, who two days later...

Photo Credits go to my Aunt Cherene

HAD THEIR BABY!!! He is the cutest little baby and I already love him so much!  I'm so happy for the two of them and their adorable baby! CONGRATULATIONS NATE AND KARA! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!

October 17th I first met with a "math tutor". It was really just my friend Kyle... and his baby Kyrani (and Kyle is a real friend and doesn't count in my above rant about friends)! She's so cute! I got to hold her a few times. Back to math, I've been stressing out because it's been four years since I've done math and I absolutely HAVE TO get into Math 1050 next semester, which (because USU has weird math rules) I have to take the Math Placement Exam to try and get into it. (Even though I've already taken Math 1050, see? Weird math rules!) So I was stressed because a few weeks ago I tried to take a test online and couldn't even remember 7x8. I forgot basic multiplication! So I met with Kyle so he could help teach me, but ironically, all he really had to do was remind me of thing. I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED MATH! It was hard and each question took me a long time to figure out but I did it! I still have a lot of work till I feel ready to take the MPE and when I'm actually in Math 1050 I'll still want his help, but I did it! And I'm feeling very accomplished. :)

On October 18th for fall break, Chris caught this monster. It was huge and gross and covered it garbage, but I'm so proud of my fisherman husband because I know that fishing means so much to him, and he's so good at it too! I'm glad he has something that keeps him happy.

Basically October was filled with school and beautiful colors. The above picture was on the Utah State Facebook page and I fell in love with it! This is my campus and I love it so much! I love going to school at USU! I think this October was more beautiful than usual because of the lack of snow, which I am super grateful for. It snowed in the mountains and it's starting to get super cold, but I'm not looking forward to the snow.

I realized my hair is like the autumn leaves, because for some strange reason, recently my hair is full of reds and blonds and browns, like autumn trees. I don't know why or how this happened because it used to just be dark brown. Although I am grateful that my hair didn't have an awkward growing out faze from dying it. The whole thing just changed colors. I want to color it again though but I'm not sure what color and I don't have the money to do that, but someday it will happen.

On Saturday the 26th Chris and I went to the Pumpkin Walk!! It was so much fun! We went last year and loved it and had to go again. It was super busy this year but totally fun. The Pumpkin Walk is on The Cache Valley Checklist and I'll be writing a post about it soon.

That night after the USU Howl, I had to work and clean up after it. It was disgusting and I was super tired. I've been to the Howl twice and it can be a really fun event if you go with a good group, but otherwise it's just a building full of crazy sluts and alcoholics. Thirty people were arrested this year at the Howl, all alcohol related arrests.

This is my handsome little brother. On October 27th my brother received his Eagle Scout Award! I drove down to Sandy to be there for the Court of Honor. I'm so proud of him! He's such a fun brother and one of my best friends.

So it sounds totally pathetic, but one of my favorite moments this month was on the 28th when these girls from my class invited me to lunch. I've been feeling so lonely and friendless so it was just a wonderful moment to be invited to eat lunch with these girls. They will never understand what that meant to me but will probably never invite me again if they read this paragraph. Regardless, I'm beyond happy that this happened for me!

Obviously it hasn't been Halloween yet, but we don't have anything exciting planned because we both have school and work. However I am going to make cookies and we might carve pumpkins! I'll write a post about my Halloween, but nothing too exciting is planned.

We had such a great October! It is truly my favorite month and it was just so beautiful and wonderful! 

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I'd love to hear about what you did this October! Leave a comment below! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Song of the Week: Zombies

This song is one of my favorites ever. It's just so funny and I love it! I love all the cute pictures in this video as well. Here is my other favorite zombie song that three years I got forbidden from singing in my apartment building because apparently I was annoying everyone. I apologize that it's such a good song and I like to sing it loudly.


Friday, October 25, 2013

October Favorites

For any new readers, at the end of every month I make a list of my favorite things from the month. I got the idea off of Youtube. To see all my other Monthly Favorites, CLICK HERE


These guys are absolutely fantastic! And they're from Utah like me! You cannot deny that these guys are incredibly talented and deserve all our support! This is probably my favorite video from them, but you should definitely check our their Youtube page and all their other amazing videos.


I love this website so much because I'm always jealous of what celebrities are wearing on TV. However, this website also makes me sad because I realize there is no way I can afford clothes like this. I recently pinned this on Pinterest...

..and it's so true. I swear I have good taste, but I just wear jeans and T-shirts all the time because I can't afford much more than that, especially now. That's why I stopped doing my Outfit of the Week posts, but don't worry, they'll come back someday because I liked doing it.

FAVORITE SNACK: Lofthouse Cookies

I'm addicted. Honestly. I've had four of these packages this month. They are festive and fun and I've always been in love with these cookies. So since my birthday is next month feel free to send packages of these cookies my way (wink, wink). Just kidding, but honestly, I love them. And just looking at this picture makes me crave them again... I have a horrible, horrible addiction...


This show is AMAZING!!! It's so funny! I've seen episodes before but learned this month that I can watch all the episodes on my Kindle Fire through Amazon Prime (to learn more, click on the Amazon links on the right sidebar, I promise you it's worth it!). If you haven't seen it, "Duck Dynasty" is a show on A&E about a total redneck, duck huntin', camo wearing family that made it rich by creating duck calls. I love this show, it's so funny but it's also great because they are a very humble and religious family that truly cares about each other. I hate watching shows like "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" because they are so annoying and rich and just seem so unhappy all the time. "Duck Dynasty", they love each other and they don't take advantage of being rich. They are just a wonderful family to watch and I love the realism of it. Their family is real, the Kardashians are so fake.

Anyways, super long rant, but if you haven't seen it, definitely check out "Duck Dynasty" it's such a fun show and honestly it keeps you laughing the whole time. There are so many jokes and memes from the show, so here are some of my favorites:

FAVORITE MOVIE: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

This is my Halloween movie. I first watched it last year while making Halloween decorations and fell in love and ended up watching it a million times and buying the album. I love this movie so much for so many different reasons and I just want the whole world to see it and love it too. I can't really explain why I love it without spoiling everything. So if you've seen it we can discuss why I love it so much, but if you haven't seen it you'll just have to. It's only like 40 minutes and you can actually watch it on Youtube by CLICKING HERE and please click it! You can also watch it on Netflix which would be better quality, so take your pick (Unless you're under 16, and then I would ask your parent's permission first, because it is NR). :) Also, who doesn't love Neil Patrick Harris???

FAVORITE SONG: The Way by Ariana Grande

This song has been stuck in my head all month and I sing it at work and annoy my coworker all the time. It's fantastic. I love Ariana Grande! The main thing I want for my birthday is her album, Yours Truly, and my husband knows this so he better get that done. Ha ha.

FAVORITE WEB VIDEO: Andy & Amy's Haunted House

I posted this for Web Video Wednesday last week and got a big response. It's just so funny and I'm sticking with the Halloween theme for this post. Ellen clips are like my favorite thing ever and this one is just too perfect, although I would be acting exactly the same, if not worse than they do in this video. I hate haunted houses.


This month I started linking up with Five on Friday with The Good Life. It's a great blog and I love looking at all of the Five on Friday posts and I just love participating in it!

FAVORITE/MOST POPULAR POST: Halloween Decorating Under Ten "Bones" 

I love that people liked this post! I did it because I'm incredibly poor but it makes me so happy to see other's liking it. I really am proud of all that I was able to accomplish with such a little amount of money, and people love it! The witch in the window looks so good at night!

This month I've also been getting a fantastic response lately from my Study Tips post, maybe because it was recently midterms. Anyways, I liked writing that post as well and am so glad that other's like it too.

FAVORITE EVENT: Little Bear Bottoms

I loved going to Little Bear Bottoms with my husband!! You can read about our adventure by CLICKING HERE. It was just so much fun and I love spending time with my husband!

These are all my favorite things of the month! 
Leave a comment and let me know about your favorites from the month! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Baby Season

So in the past ten days I've had five friends give birth to their new babies! But today, in the midst of all the excitement of baby season, I had a friend post on Facebook that his wife miscarried their baby. It was their second miscarriage and they don't have any children. It was so sad to hear and I'm praying for them to be able to cope with their loss. My mom had five miscarriages and while she already had some children, each one was equally as difficult. Losing a child in any sense is extremely difficult.

It reminded me of THIS ARTICLE that urges people to not ask, "So when are you going to have kids?" Luckily, no one has asked Chris and me when we're having kids (except my brother-in-law says he wants to be an uncle by the time he gets back from his mission). I'm glad no one has asked, because it's honestly not anyone's business. I understand parents asking, but otherwise it's not your business to ask couples when they'll have kids.

I'm so happy for all my friends who have had their babies this week! I love seeing the pictures on Facebook of your adorable newborns. But just remember...

I'm praying for my friends who are struggling with having a baby and I wish all my readers luck in having a child. I was there for my mother's miscarriages, I may not know what it feels like, but I understand the emotions. Thanks for reading!

My Zombie Love Story

I'm sorry my computer doesn't know how to make a good quality video. But I just wanted to share my two year love story with my readers! Chris and I shared our first kiss on Halloween two years ago and October was the month our relationship really began. I made this video for Chris as a present but wanted to share it with my readers as well. Thank you all so much for loving and supporting me on this blog!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Discussion Post!

First, thank you again to everyone who participates in my book club! I love hearing from you! Don't forget that you can join in my group on Goodreads by CLICKING HERE. It's just another way for us to discuss books and to share our favorite books with each other.

Feel free to comment on this post to discuss our book of the month, Beautiful Creatures. Below are some discussion questions, they aren't necessary, but feel free to answer them if you'd like. Also, don't forget to vote on the sidebar for next month's book! Thank you so much for joining in! WARNING: SPOILERS MAY BE CONTAINED BELOW!

Discussion Questions:

  • What do you think of Ethan and Lena's relationship? Compare it to other literary relationships.
  • Do you think the two female authors created a believable male character? 
  • Do you see this book as a lesson that history repeats itself? 
  • Do you think you would be Light or Dark at the age 16? (If you're older, think about how you acted at 16)
  • Have your ancestor's past decisions changed your life? 
  • If you've seen the movie, how do you feel about the way the director interpreted the book onto the screen? 

Web Video Wednesday: Amy in Haunted Houses

I love Ellen and while I'd be freaking out just as much as Amy, it is so funny to watch these clips! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Haunted Movie Trailers!!


I love Halloween, but I hate haunted things. I cannot watch horror movies without having a heart attack. I avoid them at all costs, and my husband knows that. I once went to a haunted house and thought I was going to die. This guy took me on a date to a haunted corn maze and I was leaning on his arm the whole time and keeping my eyes closed (stupid kid, he totally did that on purpose).

People don't understand why I would love Halloween but hate haunted things, but for me Halloween isn't about scary things, it's about fun and dressing up in costumes. As a kid it was about Trick-or-Treating and now as a married "grown-up" it's about decorating the house, carving pumpkins, and the two year anniversary of my first kiss with my husband.

Anyways, I don't like scary things, but I love these haunted movie trailers! They are cute movies turned into horror movie trailers! They are a little creepy but they are funny if you've seen the actual movie. I hope you enjoy possibly the scariest thing I'll ever put on my blog.

Mary Poppins

Mrs. Doubtfire

School of Rock

The Notebook

Monsters Inc.

"Sleep Walking" (Disney Princesses)

Back to the Future


Dumb and Dumber

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Leave a comment below and tell me which video was your favorite! Thanks for reading/watching!

Restore a Realistic Image of Women to Pinterest

Dear Pinterest and Women "Pinners" Everywhere,

It has recently come to my attention that Pinterest is very one-sided and very harmful to a woman's body image. Yes you have hundreds, if not thousands, of fattening recipes cataloged on your site, but most women are too busy scrolling through the images on your site to cook dinner, let alone desserts.

Your site is full of images like this:

And while I love the clothing and get many ideas for my own wardrobe from them, these images break my heart. I see these images and long for a skinny body like the women in these pictures. Not to mention the thousands of fitness and diet "Pins" scattered throughout the site as well. 

I've never been one with a positive body image. I've always wanted to change my body, wanted to lose weight, wanted skinnier arms and legs, wanted defined abs, wanted bigger boobs, and occasionally wished I was taller. And I stare at the images on your site, aching inside, wishing I could like like these unrealistic women. 

These women are not the average woman.

Not all women are super skinny, in fact, very few actually are. Your site surrounds women with a negative body image with these pictures, making them feel inferior, myself being one of them. Why can't we see more images like this:

Because these women are as beautiful, if not MORE beautiful than the skinny women. We need to be surrounded by women of all shapes and sizes, because all women are beautiful and we all need to feel beautiful by seeing women like us on your site. We need to see that women of larger sizes are being accepted in society, otherwise how can we ever accept ourselves?

It breaks my heart to be surrounded by images of skinny women, it makes it difficult for me to accept myself for the weight I am. I love this site, I love "Pinning" things in my spare time and sharing my "Pins" with my friends. I only wish that your site was filled with a more normal view of women. Because what is on there isn't realistic. What your site surrounds us with isn't the truth, and it's hurting the body image of women. 

I am aware that you aren't solely to blame. So... WOMEN ON PINTEREST: Please help me help Pinterest by "Pinning" images of realistic women. We need to learn to accept ourselves by viewing the images that we relate to. I promise you that you are all beautiful, every woman is beautiful. And together, we can help increase a positive body image in women everywhere. 

Thank you for reading and please help restore a realistic image of women on Pinterest. 


A body conscious woman

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pinterest Sunday

I have been on Pinterest so much this week it's ridiculous! To see all my pins, feel free to CLICK HERE. Below are just some of my favorites from the week. Thanks for reading!

I would like to have a better job. That would be really nice for me. This article had some really good tips and it's a great reference for me for the future. To see the article CLICK HERE

I don't have the best GPA right now and yes, being married brings a bit more financial aid, but we could always used more money for college. This is a great resource because you don't have to have a fantastic GPA to apply to these scholarships. 

I am NOT excited for winter to come, but I cannot get over how beautiful this picture is! 

I really miss ballet. I'm hardly even flexible anymore. I just love this picture and like to look at it and wish I could be doing that again... 

These are so simple and quick to do and can be incredibly effective! I'm sick of being at this weight, this is the biggest I've ever been in my life, so I'm working on changing that. These simple exercises are great for inner thighs, which are always a trouble spot for me. :)

I'm sick of going through a lot of cleaning on Saturdays and then letting everything pile up through the week. So I'm thinking of making a checklist/routine like this. This is a great example and something that I think would be great for my little apartment. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Song of the Week: Still Into You

I don't know why I love this song so much, but I do. It's just so catchy and cute and how I feel about my husband. I still get butterflies from him. I just love him! I hope you enjoy this song too!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday!

Fall Break

Today is my fall break. Yep, just today. It's so dumb that we only get one day off. More dumb that they had our Friday classes on Thursday this week to make up for missing Monday classes on Labor Day. It messes me up. I kept thinking yesterday was Friday, but it obviously wasn't so I still have work today. This week is all messed up! But at least a get today off of school!

Candy Crush Saga

I hate this game. But I'm addicted. And this week, I swear on my life, I won and it said I didn't! It was a timed level where you just have to get one star to win. I had been playing it for a long time and I finally got my one star. I was so excited! But then the game ended and it said I lost!! I tried to figure out how my star didn't count, but it should have counted! Honestly, I should have won! And I'm so upset that it didn't count it because I'm still stuck on the same level and trying to win all the time! This is the most frustrating game in the world. If you've never played it, DON'T!!! Do not start playing this game!! Please!! DON'T GIVE INTO THE CANDY!!!

Criminal Shows

Chris and I have been watching a lot of shows lately like "Nightmare Next Door", "I Almost Got Away With It" and "FBI: Criminal Pursuit." They have dramatizations of actual crimes that have happened and and how they caught they bad guys! I've been hearing the craziest stories!! There was this lady who killed a woman, performed a C-section, and stole her baby! What?? Who does that?!? I'm so glad they caught her, that was awful! I don't know why we keep watching them, because they kind of make me paranoid. When we were in the canyon last Sunday and by the river, I was so sure we would find a body. Yep. I am scared of life now.

Lofthouse Cookies

I'm addicted! And it's bad! It's so so bad! I've had like three packages of them this week! They are so cute and decorated for the fall! They are also just so good and soft! It's a horrible, horrible addiction and I'm pretty sure it's making me gain weight, which I really don't want right now before the big "Eating Holidays" begin. But I have an addiction. There, I admitted it. Isn't that the first step?

Smart Phone Jealousy

I just want a smart phone! I want to join the club! I want to be able to "Snapchat" or "Instagram" or go on the internet wherever I am or have a better camera sitting in my pocket that I can directly post photos to Facebook! Is that really too much to ask? Yes, yes it is, because we are very, very poor. A smart phone is so out of my reach right now and I hate it. I'm so out of the club and I feel like the only one! It's totally not fair. Someday. Someday it will happen.

This post is a link up through The Good Life

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cache Valley Volunteer Center

This post is a part of The Cache Valley Checklist
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I've always been a big advocate of service, volunteering, giving and all around helping others. I started this blog with the intention of helping others through Charity of the Month. It just started this month so as far as I know it's not making a huge difference yet, but I just know that someday it will. 

So when making my Cache Valley Checklist, I included the Cache Valley Volunteer Center because I knew it was something I wanted to do and something I wanted to encourage others to do as well. If you live in Cache Valley, I highly suggest you click on the link and sign up. It's super easy to sign up and then you can easily find volunteer work. 

Volunteer work doesn't have to be difficult. You can learn about a single event and go help for a few hours. You could join an organization and work with them continually. There is just an overwhelming feeling of happiness that you get from volunteering and helping others. 

I volunteer with the Read Today program in Logan. Every Monday and Wednesday from 10:00 to 10:30, I go to an elementary school and help a fifth grader with his reading. I love my fifth grader! He is so cute and loves to read, he just stumbles over his words. Every Monday and Wednesday after working with him, my day gets supremely better. I can tell that I'm helping him and that makes me feel good! 

I hope to work with the Read Today program for a long time. I love the way it makes me feel but it is also great practice for me as I am working towards a degree in elementary education. I love providing service to others! 

I really hope that all of you in Cache Valley at least sign up with the Cache Valley Volunteer Center. I know you'll find something the works for you and it'll make your life better and so much happier to give service to others. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Web Video Wednesday: Bear

I can't even believe this video! He's like a mix between a human and a dog. It's the craziest video ever and I just can't even handle the level of talent this bear and his trainer have. So crazy. Super super crazy...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn in Logan Canyon

This post is a part of The Cache Valley Checklist
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Alright, so this post is basically just a bunch of pictures. That's it. But before we begin, you should know that autumn is my favorite season! I'm so in love with autumn because it's the most beautiful time of year. Sunday, my husband (still trying to keep me happy from my recent emotional breakdown) drove me through the canyon to look at all the pretty leaves changing colors and to pick leaves to press. 

When I was younger my parents once took us into the mountains and we picked our favorite leaves off the ground and we pressed them into a large book. (This is what you can use the textbooks you can't sell for!!) It was so much fun and we still have those leaves in that book. So I wanted to press leaves with my husband. So on our drive we stopped to pick leaves. 

I can't say "Let's drive through the canyon" without my husband thinking "FISHING". Yep. So he took his fishing pole and we stopped at First Dam, Second Dam, and Third Dam. He fished and I took almost 200 pictures. Ha ha. Chris did catch a fish at Third Dam. It was a little guy and we let him go (you'll see a picture of him below). 

I don't think I have much else to say. Just enjoy the beautiful pictures (semi beautiful, I need a new camera). If you have your own adventure looking at autumn leaves, I'd love to see them! Leave a comment or send me an email! Thanks for reading/looking!! 

There's almost 50 pictures so if you want to see them all at one point you'll have to click the link to read the whole story. Thanks! 

Link Within

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