Sunday, September 1, 2013

Welcome to September!!! (and August in Review)

Welcome to September everyone!

I always like September. It's when (in Utah) we can pull out our boots and scarves. I can wear jeans and not be sweating like crazy. Things cool down. People get too excited about Halloween coming up. The leaves begin to change colors. It's the first full month of school. The weather is perfect. My brother turns 18 (actually, I don't want to think about that, he's way too young to be turning 18). September is a beautiful month and I am so excited for it!

I set the bar incredibly high for myself last month by writing 42 blog posts... 42 in 31 days? Crazy! And while I would love so badly to beat that number this month, I'm almost positive I can't, because I'm focusing a lot on school. So if I seem MIA for the next... four years... it's because I'm being a good student.

So this is also my August Review post (with pictures!!!) and I'm just going to talk about all the crazy things that happened to us this August. 

So end of July/beginning of August we were in Jackson Hole! My family goes there every year and it was so great to have my husband come with me this time! We visited Yellowstone and Old Faithful, like in the picture above, and just had a fantastic time there! I absolutely love going to Jackson!! 

So this is a picture of the inside of a car (and it was taken in July, but works for these purposes). Chris's car broke down this month. It was awful. However because of that, Chris's parent's brought up a spare car for us to use, and now that Chris's car is fixed, we have two cars! Which is really nice. The spare one is for Chris's brother, but he's on a mission till November so he doesn't really need it right now. 

We both got Pell Grants this year from the government to help pay for our school! I was super excited! Even though they still messed things up and dropped my classes and I still had to pay money, getting that money was exactly what we needed. 

This month I started a goal to read one book every month, which is also my new Book Club. I'm pretty sure no one has joined my book club yet, but that's okay. I know that it'll be a little rough in the first few months, and I'm fine with that. For September we'll be reading Beautiful Creatures. So if you want a goal to read a book a month, you can join my book club, it's absolutely no commitment. And please leave comments of book suggestions! Thanks! 

I first discovered this trailer in the month of August, and that's why it's in this post. This commercial honest gives me chills and makes me smile. I can't explain it. Bravo on making an awesome trailer! I'm super excited to see this movie! This movie is based off of a short story by James Thurber and I hope to read it before the movie comes out. But we'll see. Maybe I'll add it to my book club. 

I became a crossing guard this past month. Ha ha. It makes me feel old or something. Anyways, I'm just an alternate, so when the other guards are sick or on vacations they call me up. I've only done it once since school started (besides my training) so it's not steady income. But I get paid $2 more there than at my regular job, so doing it every now and then is fun. Plus I get to talk to little kids, which is always fun. 

I also got my janitor job back at the student center. It's not exactly what I wanted to do, but I absolutely love my boss and the kid I'm partnered with, Todd, we're real good friends. It's a fun job and I'm actually really good at it. It's just sometimes, we find nasty things in the bathrooms as we're cleaning them, and I'm not too fond of that part of the job. But it proves that I work hard to get my money. 

My best friend got married this month! I'm so happy for her and I loved spending the day with her! She looked so beautiful and so happy the whole day! CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN AND TREVOR!! 

For Lauren and Trevor's wedding gift I made them these mugs! I was super proud of myself! If you would like to know how I made these mugs, leave a comment below! It's super easy, but I'd love to make a tutorial for you if you want one. 

This mountain near our home caught on fire! My camera did a fantastic job with this picture... I'm amazed. (PS, these pictures are not necessarily in order)

But for me, the biggest thing about this month was that I started college again, after taking a year off of school. I had a fantastic first week and although I have tons of reading homework already, I'm so excited for this semester! I'm just so happy to be back in school (even though I have no idea what my major should be anymore, help me!!). 

Well this is my August Review post! I hope you enjoyed it! August was a crazy month for me and I had a major breakdown in the middle, but it ended perfectly (with my dad's birthday!) and I loved it! I'm super excited for September (and my brother's birthday!) and to continue on with this semester, but keep in mind I am a full time student and a part-time custodian so if I don't post a lot it's because I'm either doing homework or catching up on sleep. Please forgive me. 

Thanks for reading!! 

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