Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank You

So I don't have anything exciting to write today. I have a lot of homework I need to focus on and I have quite a bit of reading to get done (for school and for my Book Club) so this post is going to be short and basically about nothing. You can stop reading now if you'd like.

On September 7th I celebrated reaching 20,000 page views and I was so happy. Unbelievably happy!! It felt like such an amazing accomplishment for me and I was so proud of myself, and I was so happy that people, like you, enjoyed reading my blog!!

Now, only nineteen days later:

I cannot thank my readers enough for all the love and support that you continually bring me!! I love writing on this blog and I'm so glad that you enjoy it too!! 

Don't forget to continually leave comments and emails with suggestions, questions, comments, stories, poetry, song lyrics, your own life story... I don't care, I just love to hear from my readers!!


As a side note, I'm officially thanking you with a Giveaway, I'm writing about it tomorrow, but if you've been reading this post and click on the link now, you can find the giveaway is already open for entries today! Don't forget to enter!! :) 

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