Saturday, September 14, 2013

Song of the Week: Atlas

I LOVE COLDPLAY!!! Coldplay is maybe my favorite band! They are so amazing and I absolutely love their style because it's so different and not many have been able to successfully duplicate it. This song is incredible! I cannot stop listening to it! I'm obsessed!

I was so obsessed with The Hunger Games soundtrack (and listened to it constantly for like a month) and I'm so excited for the Catching Fire one as well, especially since this song is included. Honestly, I'm nervous for the Catching Fire movie (but that trailer looks super cool and Jennifer Lawrence is the greatest thing in the world), it looks like they've changed things from the book  and I didn't even love the book all that much. Don't get me wrong, I love this series, because I'm always into dark sort of things, but the first book was the best and the first movie broke my heart in a way that I loved every second of it! It looks really cool but I'm just nervous. But don't worry, I'll be there opening day to see Catching Fire in theaters with my mockingbird necklace and earrings!!

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  1. This new Coldplay song is really good. I'm excited for the new Hunger Games movie


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