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September Review

Hello everybody! Welcome to October!! I love October because it ends with my favorite holiday, Halloween, and leads into November 4th, which is my birthday!! I also absolutely love this autumn time of year! I'm so excited for hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkin carving, and the ever beautiful fall leaf colors!!

So before we lead into October, here is my September in review, which is basically a small compilation of all the things I did during the month of September, with pictures!!!

So it rained a lot in the month of September in Logan. And elsewhere, I was so sad to hear about all the flooding and mud slides! I'm praying for everyone affected by it! But with it being the first big rain storm since we moved to Logan, we had tons of fun playing out in the rain. It was a blast! I love spending so much time with my husband!

 So I bought these new rod curlers to try them out, you can read about that HERE. I did two things with them, curling and a sock-ish bun (because it wasn't a sock, it was a curler). I am still debating with how much I like these curlers. They tangle in my hair to easily and rip some of my hair out, but I do like the results. But I only really used them the beginning of the month, so I haven't fully figured them out. If you want a tutorial on either of the styles above, just leave a comment below!

Chris started soccer intramurals again!! If you've ever heard our love story, we met through intramurals. He was on my roommate's co-ed team and the rest, as they say, is history. So his first game was at 9:30 at night in the pouring rain, which is the reason for the poor quality photo. It's also the reason for this:

Honestly, that experience was so incredibly to me. She seriously went out of her way to keep me from getting wet in the rain. It's so incredible to have an experience like this and be able to see that there is still so much good in the world!! Honestly, Caitlin (or however you spell it), I cannot thank you enough!

Once upon a time it was Friday the 13th, and I had to give an oral book report in class. I was super nervous! My hands were shaking, I had prepared late the night before, and I had that awful fast/nervous speaking voice. My book was Inside Out: Strategies for Teaching Writing. It was over 300 pages long, I had about two week to read it, and (don't tell my professor or parents) I didn't read one page. I skimmed through the whole book, read all the chapter headings, looked online for summaries and reviews (which there were none) and I basically just made up my report. It went really well though and on the written section, I got an "A"! However, on the oral section, I accidentally called the book a novel, not even thinking about it. I knew by definition the book wasn't considered a "novel", but it was merely a slip of the tongue... but my teacher certainly didn't think so. She called me out on it right away: "A novel? Do you know what a novel is?" I was already incredibly nervous, but now I was incredibly embarrassed! "I know, I didn't mean to say that." I tried to cover up my mistake, but it was too late. She had chastised me in front of the class and my face turned red with embarrassment. And that is my Friday the 13th story.... and watching and smelling as my coworker cleaned throw up out of the garbage can, but that's a whole other issue.

First of all, I'm kind of upset at my dad for lifting up his hand and ruining the only good photo I have of my brother from this day. So football season began and I had the wonderful opportunity to drive for two hours in horrible dark rain to watch my old high school's football game... just for my brother performing at half time. The Alta High School Marching Band is new this year, and I'm so glad my brother is able to be on it for his senior year and doing something he loves. He did a fantastic job! I would show you pictures from when he was on the field (at Rio Tinto, which was pretty cool) but my sister took pictures and I recorded it. I might put the video up, but I don't have any pictures because my sister hasn't made them available to me yet. I had a great time watching my brother doing something he loves! He went to all my dance performances and I was very happy to go and support him too!

Speaking of my brother, this handsome boy turned 18 on the 18th! He is seriously one of my best friends in the whole world and I just love him so much!! I was really sad I couldn't be there to celebrate his birthday with him, but I got to over the phone!! While he was opening presents, my family had me on speaker phone so I could hear what was going on. After presents, we all sang to him before he blew out his amazing Darth Vader candle:

 It was sad to not be there, but I got to be a part of his birthday anyways, so I was happy. Nick really is like my best friend and I just love him so much. Even if he did grow to be almost a foot taller than me, he will always be my little brother Nick!

And for any of my LDS peeps wondering, he is not going on a mission yet because he's still in school. He'll probably be putting his papers in next summer, which is totally crazy to me! He's too old! It still weirds me out that he can drive, it's even worse that he's a senior this year... stop growing up Nick!!

After two months of searching I finally found Impress, Press on Manicure. I have an official review HERE, but just know I absolutely loved it!! It looked so good and took less than five minutes. I love it!

I wasn't there, but my husband came home one Saturday with this monster fish!! It weighed about four pounds (our scale didn't work well with measuring the fish) was almost two feet long, and it tasted delicious!! It was super scary though, take a look at it's teeth:

(The eyes only look so scary because of my camera flash, but it really is a scary fish, and big) On the same day Chris also caught this fish:

Who wouldn't die. Honestly. He came home from fishing and we had somewhere to go so he stuck them all (there was a third fish too) in the sink and put them in water so they wouldn't start to rot and stink. The bass pictured above (which I apologize for the blood on the fish and my husband's hand...sorry!) started breathing again once we filled the sink with water, but he was upside down and bleeding so we didn't think much of it. Two hours later when we got back from our thing, we came home to find him still breathing. I then suffered though watching Chris and his friend Ben banging the fish's head on our sink to try and kill him as well as stabbing. I then also watched the entire gutting of all three fish, which was a very bloody and dramatic sight where we found half swallowed baby fish inside of them.

I think I learned from this experience that I never want to gut a fish. I also learned that my husband is a very good fisherman and a tough man who didn't flinch whatsoever while cutting open three fish. I also learned that I never want to see people hitting fish against my sink. Lastly I learned that when Chris guts a fish in my sink, he knows he is then required to clean the whole kitchen, and he did a wonderful job at that. And he did a wonderful job at cooking the big one the next day. It was super delicious. He is so talented!

Now onto the thing that kept us from those fish for two hours. I put on my Latin ballroom costume, did my hair in a fake bob, Chris put on a white shirt and tie, and we headed out to the USU Literary Ball!! This years theme was The Great Gatsby, which is one of my favorite books! We were late because we thought it was a seven, but it really started at six. We got to watch the last half of the new Great Gatsby movie (which we both love) and got to eat some pizza. They also had poker (which we didn't do) and dancing (which we did for like five seconds). I was sad because I had been looking forward to it so much, but I was sick with a sore throat, runny nose and extreme exhaustion. I just couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. It was decorated beautifully and it was super exciting to see everyone from my English classes all dressed up like the 20's, but I was too sick to have fun. I wish I hadn't been sick. :(

Speaking of being sick, I was so incredibly miserable that my boss allowed me a day off of work. That is when I found the above video. I honestly have watched this video over thirty times, I'm so in love! It is the cutest thing that I have ever seen in my life. I know I shared it for a Web Video Wednesday post, but I just had to share it again. So cute!!

This is out of order from everything else, but I want to thank everyone again for loving this post as much as I do! I never thought that a single post would bring up my page views so quickly! I feel so incredibly blessed by all of you! If you liked this post, know that in October my husband and I will be doing a lot of things on this list, there are many fall related items, so please check back to read about our adventures in Cache Valley.

This month I wrote a pretty depressing post in my anger, and I do apologize for that, although the majority of it is true. I wrote about how I am currently friendless and really struggling with depression (which I've had my whole life anyways). I want you all to know that while I am still struggling, I do know that I have the greatest family in the world! My family are the greatest friends I could have ever asked for and I feel so blessed to have them with me for eternity. I love my new family as well, my three new brothers who are all serving missions and my amazing in-laws. My wonderful mother-in-law contacted me when she found out I was sick and gave me suggestions on how to get better faster. She is amazing and I love being the new addition to their family. I know I am blessed, so I do apologize for that post, I wasn't trying to say everything in my life is terrible. I was only saying I wish I had more friends. Sorry for the confusion.

This month we celebrated four months of being together! I feel so unbelievably blessed to be married to this sweet, wonderful, sexy man. He takes care of me when I'm sick and even when I'm just lazy. He cleans our apartment when I'm away. He cooks me meal and makes me brownies. He constantly tells me how beautiful I am even when I don't feel it. I love him more than anything in the world and I am so happy that he is mine for eternity! Our life together is perfect.

Well, that's my September! I hope you all had a fantastic September and are as excited for October as I am! Thanks for reading!! 

Leave a comment if you like posts like this and link up your own posts or videos like this in the comments below. Thanks everyone! 

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