Friday, September 27, 2013

September Favorites


Honestly, I've always been addicted to popcorn, but this month I've had a ridiculous amount. I LOVE POPCORN!! The other day at work, they were showing Space Jam (because why wouldn't we show Space Jam at a college student center?) and they had this table with bags of popcorn and cans of soda. I (very sneakily) stole three of those bags. I'm so addicted...

FAVORITE TV SHOW: How I Met Your Mother

I've always been in love with HIMYM! But just this month did my husband and I start catching up on the eighth season. I just love it so much and I'm happy to be watching it again.


Chris and I had a Star Wars movie marathon this month and I was reminded just how much I love these movies!! All six of them!! But this time particularly I enjoyed episode 3. It's just so sad but so good... even if some of the acting is silly. I also learned this month that my coworker has never seen Star Wars and I was shocked! So if you've never seen Star Wars, you really need to!!


I wish I could say it was a different song... like Atlas or Almost is Never Enough, because I listened to both of those a lot this month too. However, Roar is just so empowering and it's been fantastically guiding me to be more confident. So I have to give it credit for that.

FAVORITE WEB VIDEO: Tonight You Belong to Me

I have watched this video so many times this week! I am so in love with how adorable it it! I just love it so much!! I don't have much more to say about it except that I love it. Again.

FAVORITE BLOG: Grasping for Objectivity

This has always been a favorite. It's the blog I wish mine could be. However, this month particularly I loved this post because it's so simple, cute, and silly. She's a fantastic writer, super funny, and she always comments back on your comments, making you feel important. She also is currently home schooling her daughter in first grade, and as a future first grade teacher, she's a great help to me. Check it out!

FAVORITE PRODUCT: Got2B Beach Trippin'

I love my sleep so I don't always have the time in the mornings to do much to my hair. This product is amazing at giving my hair a natural wave/curl kind of look that is super simple and fast. I just spray and scrunch. I've been using this all month and even though the bottle looks small, I haven't run out yet, not even close. So it last a while too. This isn't an official review, but I do love this product.

FAVORITE/MOST POPULAR POST: The Cache Valley Checklist

You guys are incredible to be supportive of this post! I absolutely loved writing it and I cannot wait to complete all the items on this checklist and would love for you to all check back and read about my adventures!


I'm cheating on this one because it was actually in August, however, it was after I wrote my August Favorites post, so I'm squeezing it in here. I don't know if you can tell, but in the top picture, that's Ty Burrell from Modern Family. Yep, he was at the Real Salt Lake game! It was a great game! Chris and I absolutely love Real games because they are just so much fun!! 

I'll redeem myself by also adding a September event:

I wanted this so badly to be my favorite, but I was sick and miserable. The above picture is from The Great Gatsby Literary Ball held on the USU campus. It was such a cool event! There was dancing, poker, food, and they played the new Great Gatsby movie. We mainly just watched the movie because I felt so sick. I hate being sick. I was wearing a Latin ballroom costume that works as a 20's flapper girl dress, I also gave myself a fake bob with my hair (that Chris really loved and now he wants me to cut my hair, not happening). I had been really looking forward to this event, and I did have a good time, but it wasn't as fun as I had hoped because a) I was sick and b) I didn't have any friends there to hang out with, just my husband. It would have been more fun if we had been in a little group. Oh well though. 

These are all my September Favorites! Leave a comment if you like these posts or have any suggestions for me. Thanks for reading!

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