Monday, September 23, 2013

Product Review: ImPress

Photo credits: Beautezine

My Backstory:

When I was getting married I went to a salon to get my nails done. The woman who did my nails was great and kind and she was super excited that I was getting married that week. I got acrylic French tips with a sparkly white, similar to what's pictured above. I absolutely loved my nails! However, the process took about an hour and it cost almost $50. So while I loved the result, I didn't like the process.

There also came a point when my own nails kept growing out, but my acrylics weren't coming off.
They were too long and getting very annoying. So I looked up ways to remove them and finally got them off, but with damage to my nails and a little pain. I loved the way they had look, but I felt they had ruined my nails.

Three months had passed and I really wanted my nails done again, I had loved the look and feel of having them done but I didn't want to damage my nails again. So while watching one of my favorite Youtubers, Meghan Rosette, she mentioned ImPress in one of her videos. After listening to her explanation and her personal review, I knew I had to try it.

The Result:

The ImPress Press on Manicure cost me about $8.00 and took less than five minutes for me to put on. It was the easiest thing in the world! I absolutely loved the result! This product was absolutely perfect for me! I loved the way it looked as well as the way it felt. My professional manicure felt like an added weight to my nails, but with ImPress, they are incredibly lightweight and you barely notice you're wearing them! But it looks just as professional and almost natural. Taking it off was also incredibly simple, painless and didn't show any signs of damage to my nail. It was wonderful!


I lost two nails three days later, however, I lost it at work and I am a custodian and have to use my hands a lot. I had a suspicion that I wouldn't be able to keep the nails for a full week just because of my job, and I was right. I do feel that if I had a professional manicure, it might have made it through my job, but it would have made my job difficult.

Final Review:

I loved this product! Yes it only lasted three days for me, but I blame my job. I'm certain it would have lasted a full week otherwise. I also find this product worth the cost. It comes with 24 different press on nails, so if you lose one, you can add another, or after a week you remove the first set, you can put on another. You get two sets of nails for only $8. I absolutely love that deal! The fact that it's incredibly easy to put on it the icing on the cake.

Think about it, you have a last minute event to go to and you have to look dressy, what do you do? Run to Walgreens, buy ImPress Press on Manicure, put it on in less than five minutes and you'll look much more professional and elegant. I would definitely buy this again (when I don't have the job that I do and can make it last longer). I recommend this product to anyone who wants a cheaper and super easy manicure in minutes. 

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