Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pinterest Sunday: Black & Navy, Bread, Octobers, Cantaloupe, Han Solo, Baby, Kay, Hoodie, Get Well, Brain Sneeze, Bag Lady, Smith Family, and Moo Point

I pinned this because I am in love with every part of this picture! Her shoes, her pants, her shirt, her jacket, her bracelet, her hair, and especially that bag!! Goodness, if someone would mail this exact outfit to me I would love you forever! 

"Miracle Bread" This supposedly takes one hour from start to finish and is supposed to taste super good. I'm excited to try it out! Click on the link for the recipe!

Everyday at work my friend Todd and I talk about how excited we are for Fall and Halloween! Also, yesterday when writing my Cache Valley Checklist I got really distracted looking up all the Fall events for the Pumpkin Walk and at Little Bear Bottoms. I'm just so excited!

This is so lame but I laughed, so maybe you'll laugh too. 

Chris and I had a Star Wars marathon last weekend so I have Star Wars on the brain. (Secret time, Chris and I are being Han and Leia for Halloween!)

Cutest baby ever! I went to a baby shower yesterday so I have baby-on-the-brain.

I got so excited when I first saw this because it's the first part of my name!! It come with instructions on how to put words in a cake, found HERE and the best part is, it doesn't look too difficult! 

I am a huge fan of hoodies and this one is super cute! I want it! 

"Get Well Soon Gift" This is super cute and I love it! The Pin took me to this website HERE but it didn't lead to the direct post, sorry! 

Any Duck Dynasty fans out there? I think the show is so funny and this quote is the best! 

I don't know if you've realized from all my Pinterest Sunday posts, but I'm a bag lady. I'm obsessed with bags and would buy a new purse once a month if I could. I love the bag in this picture as well as her outfit!

I'm late on the whole Miley Cyrus VMA thing. I did watch it, I was mortified, but I found no reason to write about such filth on this blog. But I pinned this picture of the Smith family reacting her her performance, because this picture is exactly how I felt and it makes me laugh. 

This is my favorite quote from Friends. Hands down. So awesome and yes Rachel, it does make sense. :) 

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