Monday, September 9, 2013

Paper Boats

This post is a part of my Cache Valley Checklist. You can find all my other Cache Valley Checklist posts HERE

One of the main reasons I wanted the apartment that we got is because of this:

Right beside our apartment complex is this beautiful little canal. It runs right by our apartment complex and is just a short walk out our front door. So when someone suggested floating boats down the canals for my Cache Valley Checklist, I knew it was something I had to do! 

So today Chris and I made paper boats and floated them down the river. It was simple, easy, but still a really fun thing to cross off on my checklist. 

A huge thanks to Wiki How for teaching me how to build a paper boat! 

My first attempt was pink, I didn't end up putting this one in the water. 

Chris folding

It's so exciting when you fold it right! 

He was annoyingly proud of himself. 

My purple boat! 

Preparing to drop them in the water!

Chris let his go first...

Then mine came, sinking along.

Completely underwater! 

As soon as he pulled it out, it fell apart. 

Me with a wet piece of paper. Yep.

We had so much fun with this little activity! If you're joining in on the Cache Valley Checklist, you should definitely do this because it's so simple and takes no time at all. In some of the canals here, you could follow the boats around for a while. 

Also doing this we saw a decent sized fish and a muskrat:

I've seen them swimming around before and it kind of freaks me out that they're swimming around so close to my apartment... I don't like them... 

I had tons of fun with this! A special thank you to a lovely Loganite, Jennifer, for suggesting that I do this! Thanks! If you decide to do this please leave a comment below with your experience! Thanks for reading! 

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