Monday, September 2, 2013

Motivation Monday: 30 Seconds

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I wrote this last night so I could just get on in the morning and post this. However, the power kept going off today because of rain and the internet was down all day, so I'm sorry that it's like 4:00pm and I'm finally posting this. Not my fault! 

Happy Labor Day everyone! Isn't it nice to have this day to take a break from school and work and just complete all your homework for the week? Just me? Okay. 

I put the above quote for this reason: I think more people should take the time to reach out to their friends, old or new. Honestly, I never get any texts. Ever. About twice a week I get one from my sister. My husband texts me when he's not around. But do any friends text me? Never. And I try not to let it bother me, but sometimes it's just hard. Because it makes me feel like they don't care about me. Getting texts from my sister and husband are nice, but I already know that they love me and care for me. It would be nice to hear from a friend sometime. 

Anyways, I didn't mean to be totally depressing there! It's Motivation Monday! The real point is, I challenge you to send a short message (text, Facebook, tweet, even call) to someone you haven't talked to in a while. I promise you it will make their day, and you'll feel good about it too. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Monday! 

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