Friday, September 6, 2013

Fashion Friday: Beauty Haul

Again, this Fashion Friday post is about makeup and hair, not fashion. I apologize, but for me these are all grouped together.

So for Labor Day after splashing through puddles, my husband and I did a little shopping and I got some beauty buys done! On Youtube, a lot of my favorite Youtube-ers do Beauty Hauls where they have lame superficial videos where they talk about all the things they can buy because they're apparent rich. It's kind of annoying. This is a similar thing except a) it's not a video, b) I'm not rich and c) I don't have a ton of things to show you so I don't think I'm being very superficial (but let me know if you think I am, I'll work on that).

So the first place we went was TJ Maxx (see, I look for bargains!) My main goal there was to buy myself a cheap but good umbrella. I ended up getting this one:

It's just black, not too exciting, except it's really small so it will be easy to fit in my crowded purse or backpack and it was only $7.99, which is pretty good. I know I could have probably gotten one at the Dollar Store, but I trust TJ Maxx a bit more.

The other thing I bought at TJ Maxx was an eyeshadow palette by ELF.

I realize a lot of people may be thinking "If you're going to get an eyeshadow palette, do it right and get a really good expensive one". Yes, that would be nice if I had money. There are some things where I look more towards the expensive side because of the quality, but I don't use eyeshadow enough to justify an expensive purchase. And honestly, I love these colors and this quality is good enough for me.

Here's what it looks like outside the package and a close up on the colors:

It's pretty and perfect for me. I got this kit for $5.99. Great price for such beautiful colors!

[I love the colors and they work really well, but the brush that came with it is awful. I just want to throw it out!]

After TJ Maxx, I went over to Ulta. I love Ulta! I have a rewards card there so I got 20% off everything there today. Yay for savings!!

So I've been looking for these curlers forever and I finally found them!

I first wanted these after seeing this video like six months ago:

But Walmart and Kmart didn't have them and I kind of forgot about them for a while, but I finally found them at Ulta, and I am going to test them out and test out this tutorial and let you know if it works for me and my hair! These curlers I got for $7.49 (and then 20% off, yay Ulta!)

[... so I originally wrote this post on Monday, so this little part is the follow up. These are my curls:

 I really really liked them and got compliments! Yay! However, they were really tangled and frizzy because of me sleeping on it (or lack of sleep, considering they prevented me from sleeping) but I have an idea for a different way to use them that will hopefully keep the tangles and frizz away.. and allow me to sleep (next time I'll have my husband take the picture so you can see them better)

So have you ever seen this:

Well I used one of the curlers I bought as a "Hot Buns" and made myself a lovely bun. It looked like this:

Bad picture, I know. It was incredibly simple!! It doesn't "click" like the Hot Buns, but I just folded it and pinned it down. I only used maybe five bobby pins and some hairspray and this bun didn't move all day. My husband loved it and kept saying how great and fancy I looked (he's a wonderful boost to my self esteem). 

If you want a tutorial on either of the hairstyles I did, just let me know. I'd be happy to do a video and/or post about it.]

The next thing I got I've been wanting for a while as well:

One day a few years ago while up at college I was feeling frustrated and angry and just went to a salon and got the bangs around my face dyed red. It didn't work incredibly well because I didn't want them to bleach my hair first, so they just put it on my dark hair. So it was kind of hard to see. I know I'm going to have the same problem with the hair chalk, but my hair is a bit lighter than it was then and I'm not looking for pure red hair.

I tested this out already and it just kind of puts a red tint to my hair that looks really pretty and unique. And I didn't even use hairspray to keep it in and I know that will help make it stay in better. So I'm excited to use this for real and I will let you know how it works! This was in the Halloween section (because aparently September/Labor Day means it's Halloween time) so that's why it's called "Fright Night" and "Rotten Red", but there are tons of other brands out there. This one cost me $4.99 at Ulta.

[I tried this out and it worked really well with hairspray and showed up great, even on my dark hair. But by the end of the day it looked more pink than red, and the chalk made a mess on my bathroom rug and it was a fairly long and annoying process, so I don't think I'll be doing this often. However, I did this when my hair was curled and I'm like 99.9% sure it would work better and be easier with straightened hair. So I'm going to try it again someday when I straighten my hair and have the time. If you'd like to see a picture or have a tutorial, just let me know!]

The last thing I got I've been looking for after watching a Meghan Rosette video on Youtube. I've been using the Jergens Natural Glow lotions since forever but they recently changed the smell and now the face one smells like my wedding cake... which is weird. Meghan Rosette recommended this one:

She said she likes this one bettter, so I'm counting on her opinion because I wanted a change. So I'll let you know what it's like. This one costs about the same as the Jergens one, however, It's so hard to get all the Jergens one out of the bottle! I'm hoping this one will be easier to get all of it out. This lotion cost me $10.49.

[I started using this as my daily moisturizer, I haven't seen a tanning difference, but I'm in love with the smell!! And it has a really nice feel to it. I'm really liking it so far.]

So this is the end of my beauty haul. I know it's short, but we're poor and I can't go out buying all the beauty stuff I want (and I have a huge list of what I do want... all in good time).

If you use any of the products let me know what you think or if you have even better products similar to these that I should try out, please leave a comment below!
 Thanks for reading! 

I watch "Haul" videos often on Youtube, so that's where I got the idea, leave a comment if you would like me to do more haul videos! I love to hear from my readers! 

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