Friday, September 20, 2013

Beautiful Creatures Discussion Post/ GIVEAWAY!!! (Now Closed)

So anyone looking regularly at my Book Club page may have seen that this month's book, Beautiful Creatures, has been extended through another month. There are three reasons for this:
  1. I was unaware at how long the book was beforehand 
  2. I didn't realize how ridiculously busy my schedule would be once I started school, and...
  3. I think this book has a wonderfully creepy/dark sort of undertone that will be great for October and the Halloween season. So I don't regret leaving this book for another month.
So while I am not very far in the book (I honestly have no time to read for fun anymore) I am still posting the discussion post today for those of you who are on time. Congratulations to you! Try not to give away too much to me. 

If you haven't started reading yet, there is always enough time to start! And what better way to start than by winning your very own copy of Beautiful Creatures to read!!! 

I'm finally doing a giveaway on my blog and I figured the best way to start it out would be with my Book Club book. Here are the rules to this giveaway:
  1. It is mandatory to like my Facebook page (found HERE) in order to enter; this is good for 3 entries into the giveaway.
  2. You can gain more entries by following me on Twitter, tweeting about the giveaway, and commenting on one of my blog posts. 
  3. You may tweet about the giveaway everyday to gain more entries.
  4. This giveaway is only available to persons living in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii (I'm so sorry!!) 
  5. This giveaway goes from September 20th through October 6th, the winner will be notified during the week the contest ends and the book will be sent out by the end of that week through Barnes and Noble

I want to thank everyone that voted on the giveaway prize, it was great to see what ya'll were most interested in. The book was actually tied with a gift card, so that will be for my next giveaway (I'm hoping to do one about every other month, so stay tuned!) 

Anyways, back to the main reason for this post, please leave comments below discussing what you thought of the book Beautiful Creatures. Once I'm finished, I'll join in the conversation and maybe post a few questions for everyone as well. You can also join the book discussion on Good Reads if you have an account through them (this is a free app and website and a great way to find new books to read if you want to join). Don't forget to tweet about the book as well with #dancingcowbookclub.

Also, if you're behind and just finished last month's book, The Fame Game, you can join that discussion HERE. I'm more than happy to continue that discussion with you! 

If you have questions you'd like to add to the discussion, please leave a comment. 
Thanks everyone for joining my club!! 

Discussion Questions:
  • If you've seen the movie as well, what do you feel about the director's interpretation of the book put on screen? Was there anything they left out? Anything you would have loved to see differently? 
  • (more questions will be added when I'm finished)

(Discussion questions are completely optional, there are just added to get you brainstorming)

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