Monday, August 5, 2013

Job Hunting... Again!!!

So it's Monday, I'm back from vacation, so it's time to get back to my ordinary schedule of sitting on the couch all day! Just kidding, but only partially.

See, I'm still unemployed and after a week of vacationing in Wyoming and not applying for any jobs while I was there, I'm still stuck in the same unemployment rut. But this time it's different. I'm kicking my job search into full gear!! I willing and ready to take any job that comes my way (include another factory job).

I'm applying to all the stores, restaurants and businesses in Logan and I won't stop until I've put in an application at every single one! I am going to find a job before school starts. I just have to! I have three weeks, loads of determination and a newly found positive attitude! I'm going to do this!!

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