Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Web Video Wednesday: Merida in Clay

My husband is in love with the movie Brave. I still don't completely understand it. He did serve his mission in Scotland, and has a great love of the place (he wants us to move there someday) but I don't understand why Brave is such a great movie. I think the other Pixar movies are better. But Brave is his favorite. And we've seen it like five times since getting married.

So we watched it a few days ago so it's kind of in my head and while exploring Youtube I found this video about this adorable Italian girl who makes the Disney princesses out of clay. She is incredibly talented and you should definitely check her out! You can find her Youtube channel HERE and here's the video of her making Merida from Brave!

I also like the piano versions of the actual songs from the movie! I also watched the Rupunzel one and it was good too. This girl is very talented! I could never do this in my life.

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