Monday, August 5, 2013

Water Aerobics

While I was on my Jackson Hole trip and playing in the pool, it hit me that I wanted to teach water aerobics. It was a fairly random thought except that I knew, the second that I thought of it, that I would be really good at it! I've always had bad knees and exercising in the water has always been a good thing to reduce knee pain or injury. I absolutely love being in the water and I love exercising. It seemed like the perfect plan!

But the truth is, I've never taken a water aerobics class. Ever. I just like to exercise while I'm playing in the pool (is that strange?). So I knew that to become a water aerobics instructor I had to do at least three things: 1. Learn more about water aerobics. 2.Take a water aerobics class. And 3. Learn how to become a certified instructor.

So a few days later (today) I went online to look up how to become a certified water aerobics instructor, completely bypassing the first two items on my list. I ended up finding a test to become certified. On a whim, I took the test and you know what happened?

I passed the exam.

I got a 77%, which isn't the best score, but is still a passing grade. I honestly laughed out loud. Again, I've never taken a water aerobics class, I've never even really seen one! I had done no prior research on the subject either. I simply took the test, and passed. 

I felt very accomplished. Here I've been struggling for three months looking for a job and I could have been doing this the whole time! Just kidding, because, while the American Sport and Fitness Association may have passed me, and I went on Youtube and found an actual water aerobics class and now know more about it, I still don't feel qualified to teach it, nor can I afford the certificate (I know that not actually ironic, but it feels that way to me). 

So, while I am not becoming a water aerobics instructor just yet, it's nice to know that this particular goal is very much attainable in the near future. :) 

It's a real shame I'm not an instructor yet, I look so great kicking in a pool. ;)

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